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May 4, 2009
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Jun 17, 2019 at 4:30 PM
    1. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Yup. Have a good week, M. :thup:
    2. Coloradomtnman
      I've dealt with PC before and you're right, but the things she says just irk me and frustrate me so much that in order to scratch that itch I, at least, have to voice my disagreement.
    3. Dante
      Last Activity: Today 08:39 PM
      Current Activity: Viewing Thread Who would like to be a Who's Who? :laugh2:
    4. The Professor
      The Professor
      Thanks for the rep. Best wishes for a new year filled with joy and laughter.
    5. peach174
      Thank you for the reps
    6. HUGGY
      Ya the Falcons are STILL upset with that play. I don't blame em. We had a blatent similar call missed last week too. The Viking nearly took Wilson's head foul. Since then I haven't seen a single Hawk fan gripe about it. No Big. Your team has to play better than any bad call. It's rough when bogus calls kill drives but your team just needs to dig in and spank the mofos. Thanks for the rep. !!!
    7. HUGGY
      Thanks for the rep. As for the final season W/L's I can't see the Seahawks losing to any other team than possibly to SF at Candlestick.... and I really see no reason to expect a loss there. It won't be 29-3 like week 2 but with the addition of Percy Harvin and the probable return of all our injured O-Linemen it will take a perfect game by SF to defend the home turf against a healthy Hawk team. SF HAS to win at NO to have any reasonable chance to repeat NFC West Champs. The rest of the schedule is turning out to be hardly an obstical for you or us except NO and our team's last game.
    8. Book of Jeremiah
      Book of Jeremiah
      Thanks, Montro, for the clarification! You are a blessing! - J.
    9. katsteve2012
      Thanks for the rep...I remember the crying Indian as well
    10. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      LOL thanks, M. :thup:
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    An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, stays bought. - Simon Cameron

    With great power comes the total f%#$in' certainty that you're gonna turn into a c@#!. - Billy Butcher, The Boys

    "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government." - Holy Grail