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Aug 17, 2018
Sep 7, 2008
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Annoying Customer, from TARDIS

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Aug 17, 2018
    1. Si modo
      Si modo
      We've had out moments...and, dayum, they were something...but honesty, I DO like you.

      Now, dammit, keep that under your hat. :eusa_shhh:

      I hope things are going great with you and your beautiful boy.
    2. Lumpy 1
      Lumpy 1
      I can only apologize and feel like a putz, definitely the wrong and stupid thing to do... I am very sorry..:redface:
    3. Bigfoot
      Not even the courtesy of a reply eh? Well, you’re the first Moderator here that has been that inconsiderate. ~shrug~
    4. sharif
      it is ture that and not hidden from any blind regarding Israel and America engage in terrorism. That, of course, is simply false because you are real son of bitch and produce un-authorise way as American produce Israel, why UNO silence over Israel due to United States afraid or his salve?
    5. Dabs
      Happy New Year to you and yours :-)
    6. Oddball
    7. High_Gravity
      Such a cutie.
    8. The Infidel
      The Infidel
      Great post about the toys... Couldn't comment in the reps because this iPhone won't let me leave comments. Oh and thanks for photobucket ap idea!
      Have a good night luissa.
    9. High_Gravity
      If you want, we could exchange emails and get to know each other a little better, its up to you. I'm as free as a bird.
    10. High_Gravity
      No, I just haven't looked at your pic in a while. I wish you were closer to me.
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    Liberals would offer sexual favors to the invaders and cons and libertarians would fight- Novasteve

    It says I can use my phone. What does it day about you that barely can read? -thanatos144

    So glad this thread turned out the way I thought. Please continue proving me right hags I will be doing other things bug I will still read your ignorant posts. -thanatos144