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Sep 21, 2012
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Sin City

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Diamond Member, from Sin City

Yes, I actually live in North Las Vegas but I've been here since 1980. Mar 14, 2016

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Nov 13, 2018 at 9:30 PM
    1. SFC Ollie
      SFC Ollie
      And all this from a person who is so afraid of open debate on the things he claims to believe that he places most people who have an opposing point of view on ignore. Or at least claims to.......The nutjob can talk all the shit he wants. It really doesn't matter....
    2. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      let me see,your friends with agent troll gomer ollie even though he doesnt believe in sandy hook which YOU do as evidenced in your posts,yet your still friends with him even though he LIES ALL THE TIME ABOUT 9/11 AND SANDY HOOK? what kind of warped logic is that?

      also,you say you believe the official versions of 9/11 and the jfk assassination yet you believe as i do that sandy hook was staged? again,what kind of warped logic is that? if you believe sandy hook was staged,then why do you not believe the same about jfk and 9/11.get serious.again whats up with this warped logic of yours?
    3. SFC Ollie
      SFC Ollie
      You should have just forwarded them to a mod....

      He hates me because I make him look like an imbecile. Can't help it, he makes it so easy.
    4. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      your friends with gomer pyle ollie and namvet? dude do you know gomer ollie is a paid government disinfo agent sent here to troll the boards about the truth of 9/11 and other government corruption? namvet is just a kid who fantasizes in vietnam.this troll is in denial that oswald was innocent and there were multiple shooters as part of a CIA operation.do the right thing,get them off your list.they are traiters to americans.especially gomer,he has betrayed and and disgraced hie fellow military officers defending the lies of the 9/11 coverup commission.
    5. SFC Ollie
      SFC Ollie
      And that one must be about 7 years old now....
    6. Cowman

    7. peach174
      Thanks for the reps
    8. chesswarsnow
    9. auditor0007
      Good Lord, another idiot in the midst. So you must be for gun bans since you disagree with my post. God Damned Communist.
    10. ecks_why
      welcome :)
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    Sin City
    Retired US Army Master Sergeant and author


    Stories about the fact and fiction of California history @ Saint Junipero Serra's Legacy
    Life in the military and other items @ A Soldier's Stories
    I voted for President Trump and am proud of it! :salute: