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Jul 14, 2011
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Oct 28, 1946 (Age: 71)
Native America

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Diamond Member, Male, 71, from Native America

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    1. WillowTree
      Merry Christmas! To ewe!
    2. mskafka
      Thank you much for the rep!
    3. ScienceRocks
      What's the chances of me convincing you to vote republican in 2012?
    4. Caroljo
      Well, i really wasn't in a "nice" mood......:)
    5. mskafka
      Thank you for the rep!
    6. tinydancer
      That type of legal action should scare the crap out of anyone, no matter what side of the aisle you stand on. Federally you can still be charged though and be dragged thru a civil lawsuit if I understand this correctly.
      Now I'm going to have my last really nice fall day here, so I'll be posting on the fly. But I will try to get you as many details on this as I can later today. Just a heads up. Keep posting and keep that sarcasm flowing. I have fun bashing you back. I'm truly sorry though that you took offense. Will get back to you later. yours,td.
    7. tinydancer
      Now here's the deal in the US. Defamation of character lawsuits federally are not a criminal offense, BUT, there are I think 16 or 17 states where it is a criminal offense. And of course "joe blow politician" has to take umbridge with postings and decide to sue, but it can happen. Remember the other day I started that thread on the Ohio politician suing Susan B. Anthony for loss of livelihood?
    8. tinydancer
      Good morning Lakhota. I have a lot of fun joshing with you. Especially getting into "faux" snits at your rants. I'm sorry you took offense. I am very serious though about trying to give you a heads up on this situation in Britain where the politician did sue and win a defamation suit. The BBC at the time refered to it as the "first internet defamation suit". And I remember reading that a lawsuit had been launched on this side of the Atlantic. This sent chills up my spine because I spend a fair number of hours bashing politicians as you do. I've become a lot more careful in my postings. Now he won the case because he could prove malice.
      (I'm going to continue in another post; I lost the first one because I was over the limit)
    9. Dot Com
      Dot Com
      welcome to USMB :)
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    Oct 28, 1946 (Age: 71)
    Native America