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Jul 4, 2012
Aug 5, 2008
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Jul 4, 2012
    1. Ragnar
      Knucklehead? :p
    2. WillowTree
      I see you! :)
    3. Dante
      that is so cool! another gemini?
    4. Zoom-boing
      Thanks for the rep! :)
    5. Dante
      hmmmm, you are an artist. *grin

      heartbreaker on the playlist. *wink
    6. PoliticalChic
      Some girls think it's all about the face and the taut body...
    7. WillowTree
      Hi, welcome back..
    8. Isolde
      You are a sweetheart.... I have been pretty busy over the holidays with the kids. I am also reading up on winter blues, circadian rhythms, sleep deprivation, mood cycling disorders, etc with my son. I think I may be on to something. :D
    9. random3434
      Hey girl, where have you been? I haven't seen your posts much, you make me laugh, so start typing away! ;)
    10. JimH52
      It's a poem ain't it? LOL
    11. random3434
      Well, it looks like you are doing everything you can. All I can say is hold tight and hope and pray he gets in that school! Or you could move to Indiana and put him in the one here, this was it's first year, it's right by Butler University's campus, beautiful grounds and buildings there.
    12. random3434
      Have you tried a parent advocate? Called the superintendent of your schools? The head of special ed? The state special ed department? It sounds like you school system isn't fully trained in helping students with autism. I attended a workshop this summer for training, it was eye opening. Too many teachers "yell" at these kids, which is NOT effective. They can't understand what the yelling is about, and go further in their own world. Also, encourage his artistic side if he's into that, or music..But I'm sure you know all of this. It makes me so mad to see these kids treated like this, I know it has to be frustrating to you! I hope you can get him in that school! One opened up here in Indy, I'm going to apply there for next year, tho I really love teaching my kids in the inner city. I have MiMH,LD and students with autism in my classroom, and we really are one big happy family in there! It's a place where they feel safe and loved, and they can learn in a peaceful environment!
    13. random3434
      I will get back to you, my daughter is getting on the computer to type a paper, but wow, I can see why you are so frustrated! Let me think..........
    14. random3434
      What state do you live in? Have you talked to everyone there is to talk to about your child?
    15. driveby
      thanks for the rep and i enjoy your posts, keep up the good work !
    16. matty
      Please excuse the image my avatar freezes at, lmao. :)
    17. matty
      Hey, thanks for the rep ;).
    18. PoliticalChic
      Thanks for your rep!
    19. HoleInTheVoid
      @#$%ing forum won't stop sending me email. Everything is turned off but I still have 3196 @#$%ing emails!!!!
    20. WillowTree
      Hi Isolde! :)
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    Socialism, like the ancient ideas from which it springs, confuses the distinction between government and society. As a result of this, every time we object to a thing being done by government, the socialists conclude that we object to its being done at all. ~ Frederic Bastiat, The Law
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