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Seattle at large...Ballard lately
inventor,machinist and author

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I Post Because I Care, Male, from Seattle at large...Ballard lately

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Aug 11, 2017
    1. Tresha91203
      Welcome. I lived in Whatcom County for years and been there many times. Praying for them, you and yours. I know what you mean about the locals and their skills. We are the same in our homelands being hunters, trappers, fishermen and general bayou people. There would have been as many outraged coonasses if the locations were reversed. ~hugs~
    2. daws101
    3. High_Gravity
    4. Wolfsister77
      No problem, it was very well written.
    5. kidsfirst
      Huggy, I was wondering if you have heard from Colin since 5/13. I was his girlfriend in the US and after he got sick we were in contact until 5/13. If you know anything please contact me...Thanks, Kidsfirst
    6. skye
      You are welcome HUGGY :)
    7. High_Gravity
      Any time player!
    8. oldfart
      I try to bump good posters at every opportunity. The automated program lets you rep if there are about 15--20 other reps given in between. It's based on number of intervening reps given, not time. The time limit is on the total number of reps given in a 24 hour period, but that seems to be somewhere around 20. There is also a group that offsets unwarranted neg repping with positive reps!
    9. TheOldSchool
      Well hey the Redskins have been sad my entire life so...

    10. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      cant believe it Hug.I cant believe people STILL dont believe you that the hawks are going to win the superbowl despite the fact you been saying that all year long.I had my doubts they would get to the superbowl.Unlike the niners game,I have every much just as much faith in them they will win this game against the donkeys.Unlike you,I had my doubts on them against the niners.

      That was the team I worried that they might not get past.However I said if they got past the NINERS,and made it to the superbowl,its game over,they win against the donkeys easily.

      the whiners and the Hawks are the 2 best teams in the NFL.that was the REAL superbowl.

      at least I learned and have faith they will win it all now.Like I said,the niners were their toughest competition they were going to have to face.we BOTH know that.
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    Seattle at large...Ballard lately
    inventor,machinist and author
    65, single, pilot, live on a boat



    HUGGY QUOTES "Only a fool would make a deal with the devil without looking at the devil in the details"
    "I would give my left nut to be the guy who invented God"
    "If you can imagine one thing..You can dream anything"
    My friend Jay Craig: "Keep your basement clean..You never know when someone might want to go down there"
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