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    1. westwall
      Me too! Thanks!
    2. theHawk
      Thanks for the rep.
    3. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Have a good week, h!
    4. Wry Catcher
      Wry Catcher
      You were not. Thanks for the Pos. Rep. Below is a quote from Warbler (aka warrior) who gave me a negative rep on the same post:

      "Go suck a bag of dicks you strung-Libberhoid cocksucking assfucker." He's clearly has a problem.
    5. JimBowie1958
      thank you for the rep and the compliment. I don't feel brave. It is what it is and as I am 'high functioning' autistic, it isn't as bad.

      I only found out about 5 years ago that I was autistic, was not diagnosed till I turned 50 years old. My shrink said he normally didn't evaluate people with less than two sessions, but he gave me the diagnosis at the end of my first session.

      I am very repressive on what I would like to say or do. When I did 5 years in the infantry, it was kind of weird to others how I would obsess with things, but since I could pick up skills quick I got assigned all kinds of things to fill missing specialists, that kind of thing.

      Anyway, that was all more than you likely wanted to read, but again, I don't feel brave. I mostly don't feel fear so much as fascination with what is at hand, if that makes any sense at all.

      Anyway, I hate the thought of miscommunicating to people, and wanted to set that straight.

      Have a great weekend.
    6. HUGGY
      ShootSpeeders is usually Johnnie on the spot with these stories. He must be having an off day. :lol:

      Thanks for the rep.
    7. katsteve2012
      Thanks for the rep. And I also thank you for not interpreting my sarcasm as hostility.
    8. JakeStarkey
      Understand what you mean about Edison and Ford: significant challenges culturally and historically to accept they were not great individuals personally, much the latter. Steve Jobs' legacy will face that problem as well: cold, personally uncaring, eternally vigilant on technology and the beautiful.
    9. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Have a dandy weekend, h. :thup:
    10. tinydancer
      Thanks so much for the rep.

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    "I am allergic to piety, it makes me break out in rash judgements." - Penn Jillette
    "I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with a lot of pleasure." - Clarence Darrow
    "The man who invented the telescope found out more about heaven than the closed eyes of prayer ever discovered." - Robert G. Ingersoll