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Mar 17, 2008
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Sep 7, 2012
    1. Dreamy
      Are you THE Frazzled from days gone by in places far away in the cybersphere? lol I saw you over at Geroge Constanza's crib.:D
    2. x0Maximilian0x
      Grow a brain cell or two and comprehend the indisputable facts and information I present
    3. American Horse
      American Horse
      You are more than welcome; that was a thoughtful and comprehensive reply really deserving applause.
    4. MarcATL
      You're quite welcome good sir.
    5. JoeB131
      Dear Meathead... I'm probably to the right of attilla the hun... It's just when you post here, don't say stupid stuff or I'm just going to have to point it out.

      Shit, I even forgot what I negged you for...
    6. rightwinger
      More whining from the rightwing deserve a neg and I don't.

      I am happy to exchange negs with you any time you wish
    7. frazzledgear
      My post wasn't about Nazis. It was about the examples of when science was exploited for political gain and I used a couple of the most egregious examples, one which most people are familiar and one which a lot of people may not have been aware that also resulted in many dead. What determines left/right is what advocates believe is the proper role of government -always. Don't waste your time arguing this. I majored in political science with a minor in public administration. I know how to easily determine political left and right. Nazi state was a totalitarian state. Totalitarianism is the end result of leftwing extremism. Anarchy, no government at all, is the end result of rightwing extremism. Nazi state was no different from the Soviet State with regard to government control of the individual. They disagreed on which should be ruling, not whether government should have that kind of power.
    8. Photonic
      The beauty of this is you have not yet realized because of your partisan views that the Nazi political party was neither left nor right, but authoritarian.
    9. Photonic
      I find it funny that you say my perception of historical inaccuracies in your post is flawed, while spewing obviously biased bullshit all over your own post. And you feel the need to tell me to get over myself?

      Condescension does not suit you.
    10. daveman
      No sweat!
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    Liberals and leftists are near sociopathic liars, many have crossed into blatant sociopathy. They believe it is completely acceptable because they think their goals are so PURE and so NOBLE-Y, it justifies the use of just about any means to achieve them. Nothing is beneath them. If you really want to know what the left is up to, you must ignore what they SAY and watch what they DO.