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Nov 17, 2009
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Dont Taz Me Bro

USMB Mod, Male, from Las Vegas, Nevada

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    1. deltex1
      Do you have an email addy for sassy Irish lass?
      1. Dont Taz Me Bro
        Dont Taz Me Bro
        I do not, and I wouldn't give it out if I did.
        Jun 19, 2015
      2. deltex1
        I figured as much...thanks anyway...
        Jun 19, 2015
    2. Flipper
      Thank you for moving that thread, I know that I can get out of hand at times but I appreciate this sites level handed moderation.
    3. kiwiman127
      Say Taz, I have simple request for you. Would you PM Kosh and explain to him that when the Rep system was ended and the "Thank You" system was retained, that no one lost any "Thank you" points in the transition and no one gained any "Thank you" points in the transition. I told him to contact a mod and he won't do it but he will continue to pester me. Thanks!
    4. Delta4Embassy
      Wouldn't have "any issues" if mods did their jobs instead of getting chummy with those they're supposed to be moderating.
    5. Steve_McGarrett
      Why was my Rubio eligibility thread moved to the rubber room and the other one shut down? It's a legitimate topic being discussed everywhere, especially on Breitbart. It is a Constitutional issue that is being brought up similar to Ted Cruz's eligibility problem. Please explain your reasoning to do this?
    6. Dante
      LAs Vegas? You've moved closer to me? Awe shucks. LOL Seriously though, are you tehre and do you like Nevada?
      1. Dont Taz Me Bro
        Dont Taz Me Bro
        I've been here for two years now. Yes, I like it here.
        Apr 13, 2015
    7. daws101
      why did you close my thread ? I was waiting till the bullshit subsided before I comment again..
    8. washamericom
      what do you think about all of this ??
      1. Dont Taz Me Bro
        Dont Taz Me Bro
        I think my balls itch.
        Mar 9, 2015
    9. SassyIrishLass
      How can a post be closed for copyright violation when a link to the original article is provided? Don't you know what copyright means? Or did you miss the fact the link was provided?
    10. Yurt
      I need to send you a PM about your mod activity, i can't find a link to do so.
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    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Corporate Recruiter
    Married with one son. I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration and I work for a bank. Boston born and bred. It's a wicked pissah! Love Boston sports and I'm also an amateur Muay Thai fighter.


    "Do something that scares you. Pain is temporary, but glory lasts forever."