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Aug 19, 2018 at 11:44 AM
    1. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      I was giving this out to everyone who posted on that thread even if they did not vote He is a fraud same as barry bonds,neither belong in the HOF.brady like lance armstrong should have all records and wins taken away from him to clean up the corrupt NFL.
    2. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      oh no I understand that you voted for Bradshaw.I'm just saying that Brady doesnt even belong on that list contrary to what the corrupt media say that he is the greatest.that comment of get with the program dude was the only thing i posted by mistake.mean t to edit it but forgot.
    3. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      Brady isnt even one of the top 20 best ever he is a cheating fraud.He never would have lasted more than a year back in the days of montana and bradshaw when they could throw you around like a doll and the defenders could mug the receivers,get with the program dude.
      1. Decus
        You may be confusing me with someone else. In a poll back in February on the subject of greatest QB of all time my vote was for Bradshaw and I explained why.
        May 9, 2017
    4. Mr. H.
      Mr. H.
      Yay! :thup:
    5. peach174
      Thank you for the reps.
      You have a good weekend!
    6. tinydancer
      Belated thanks for the rep.
    7. william the wie
      william the wie
      Thanks for the rep.
    8. Stephanie
      thank you for the rep
    9. ScienceRocks
      You can go to storm2k or the other parts of the weather world.
    10. ScienceRocks
      My knowledge of the subject of tropical cyclones is more then probably anyone on this board.

      what I say is fact.
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