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Dec 7, 2015
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couch protester

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    1. couch protester
      1. starfish1950
        At my age 66, for 17 years I lived in a neighborhood that was 90% Black Americans, you are right. The racist coments they made about non black people was DISGUSTING to me. ---- To be honist this crap black Americans keep calling every one else racist, is way out of bounds, I have witnessed so much racism, it sickens me.
        Jul 28, 2016
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    The voices of the martyred slain are not heard in vain, they bring us together as a nation to embrace each other with love and support since 9/11, without regards to sexuality, race, or religion. The story that you’re about to encounter deals with the shooting incident, the reason behind the massacre, media coverage of the story, the victims, the witnesses accounts, and related stories, as well as the LGBT community, the solutions, the politics, the gun arguments, the critics, the religious effects, and the celebrity reactions. This story delves into how the LGBT community was affected by the attack and how it impacted the nation as a whole. This situation separated us from warring with each other and offered a time of peace to be our brother’s keeper. How must we continue extending this olive branch before another horrific genocide wakes up this nation?