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Feb 15, 2019 at 12:40 PM
    1. Truthmatters
      No you made the claim you prove it.

      You have to bring your own evidence to back your claims
    2. Claudette
      There was no law dummy. He and Bush both tried to get the brakes put on FF. Google it yourself.
    3. Truthmatters
    4. Truthmatters
      what was the specific law McCain tried to get passed in 2007 to stop the crash?
    5. Claudette
      Shit. Can they kick her off until after the election in 2012??? LOL
    6. masquerade
      Indeed she does Claudette. Her recent vacation by Del was not nearly long enough.
    7. LadyGunSlinger
      Anyime and it's well deserved :-)
    8. Rocko
      no problem
    9. Claudette
      Yeah. People are pretty stupid sometimes.

      Sounds like your kids are doing great.

      If I'd had Abbey as a pup she'd have a great recall. Didn't get her till she was around 6 or 7 months old though. She had absolutely no training whatsoever. She does great in obedience and will get the recall I have no doubt. She's a super dog. Can't believe her original owner didn't get her at the shelter. People really do suck sometimes. Oh well. Their loss was my gain big time.

      I'll try to keep you posted on how we progress.
    10. ba1614
      Babies are doing great! My younger yr old male has taken to tracking like a pro! He's already finding targets on a 3hrs old set! My Abby(2 next month) is up to finding her targets with about an hr set.
      I'm finally taking my Abby to get spayed next week, and I'm a wreck thinking about it. She's never been in a cage, or away from our family overnight. If she is too stressed out they are going to have to call me to bring her home.

      I've been lucky with both of these guys for their recall, had no trouble at all and I can rely on it 100% that they come right to me. When I take them to town to a kids football game or something I keep them on leash though, moreso because I don't trust other people and their young kids that seem intent on sneaking up on dogs from behind. Can't understand people letting their kids do that to a couple big German Shepherds?
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