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DFW, Texas
Own Many Businesses and Starting another one.

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You will rise up in your reality as far as you are willing to allow yourself. Apr 19, 2016

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Viewing forum Politics, Sep 24, 2018 at 8:46 PM
    1. Liability
      Morons like you, Sir Dicklicker of Butthurt, TexASS, don't "see" anything. You are blind as well as dumb. Figure it out, lass.
    2. Liability
      Sir DickCheese of Addledville: I will not even pretend to understand the gibberish you proudly post as though you had something intelligent -- or even coherent-- to say. I don't care that you suck off strangers in public rest rooms, as long as you are engaging in your aberrant behavior with consenting adults. Your posts make you appear to be as much of a nitwit laughingstock here as you have always looked in life. Now run off, kid.
    3. High_Gravity
    4. Liability
      Sir Douche Bag In De Nile. Sorry about your butthurt status over a freakin "rep" on a message board. :D You make me to laff -- at you. Noting your general imbecility and inability to communicate clearly doesn't make me a "homo," either, by the way. Now, get cracking Sir Dumbass of East Butthurt. Your rep is in danger of sinking even further. :lol:
    5. Nahla
      he is WHAT? how do you know? I don't care he is .... that or not, he is NOT actually a friend, neither do you. I don't believe there is a real friendship between a man and a woman, doesn't work.
    6. Provocateur
      :lol: Sorry CWN. With the whole rant on people whoring for pos reps, I couldn't resist.
    7. Dabs
      Just for calling me a BITCH, now I'm giving you a fucking POS Rep. And who the fuck is HG and Sunni?? I haven't looked at my friends list in so long, I could have Lucifer on there for all I know. Now settle your ass down.......NAO.
    8. Dabs
      Bite me again Chessy ~LoL~ Ok.....Ok.......I will fucking NEG your ass *ugh*
    9. High_Gravity
      I take pride that you are my bitch dog.
    10. The Infidel
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    DFW, Texas
    Own Many Businesses and Starting another one.
    Born into a large family. Clawed my way to the top of the heap.


    Posted July 3 2008, 1. When do the democrats start answering to the LAW OF THE LAND, *Rap is the devil's music*
    2. *If the stuff you listen to demeans women and makes criminality cool, this does nothing but kill your soul and anyone who listens to it. - *CWN*
    3. *Rap is not music, its degrading to the spirit of mankind.* -*CWN*
    4. *If you find yourself dead or in jail, just remember what sort of crap you were listening too, if it was rap, thats why.* - *CWN*
    5. *The devil is head banging with you, right along with your rap beat, while you're rocking that stupid flat rimmed ball cap.* - *CWN*