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Administrator, Male, from Austin

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Hells Bells Sep 16, 2014

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Jan 12, 2017
    1. Lumpy 1
      Lumpy 1
      I was wondering why my thread, "American Democrats...in cartoon form" was N/A in the Political Forum...

      I noticed that I post on it and it doesn't move to the top of the list, essentially killing the thread or interest there in.

      I really don't see that anything is wrong with the thread.

      Coyote was handling this but I noticed she's not around anymore...
      1. cereal_killer
        Don't know why it was moved. I didn't see it, but more than likely it wasn't the appropriate content for the Politics forum. In regards to you posting in the thread and not seeing it moved to the top/active topics, that's normal. You don't see it up top but everyone else does. The reason you don't see it as active is because you've already posted in it and seen it. I hope that makes sense
        Nov 10, 2015
    2. Pete7469
      My access has been seriously degraded. I'm sure I pissed off a few of your more liberal mods, but I have not been sanctioned for anything serious. Can you look into this?
    3. Oldstyle
      Westwall tells me that it's board policy that a "general" accusation in someone's sig line isn't against the rules whereas an accusation against a specific person in a post is. I'm curious as to what your reasoning is on that? Why is it allowed when it's done to an entire group of people each time someone posts because it's in your sig line?
    4. Oldstyle
      Hi, Cereal. I've been having a back and forth with Westwall about the board's policy on sig lines...specifically Fat Bastardo's accusing conservatives of being pedophiles in his sig line.
    5. pauls
      Is it possible to see if I have previously logged on with a different identity and delete it or let me know so it doesn't cause problems?
      The forum looks familiar but I have no recollection of any other name or password - Not here to try to cause trouble just an old man with a memory that isn't always dependable.
      1. cereal_killer
        I don't see another account for you, so you're good
        Jul 2, 2015
    6. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      Oh I should also mention to you that George is not a troll.He just posts facts about Israel and their atrocities they commit where there are other trolls roaming that section everyday all the time just so you know.Im pretty sure that he got banned from that section by a mod who is no longer here as well,that the mod that banned him got banned or if not,by a mod that doesnt like to hear the truth.
    7. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
    8. Travis007
      HI can you help me?.. when I hit reply in a thread I get an "error" message and saying I need to put ina valid message, but I cant see where? Im really confused..thank you.
    9. TyroneSlothrop
      I would like to complain about a moderator called Westwall....this person appears to have some sort of axe to grind on me and I would like to know if there is a way to complain about this person and how this person is handling the role of moderator...
      1. Dot Com thanked this.
      2. cereal_killer
        Send me a message/conversation on what your complaint is. Thanks!
        Apr 19, 2015
    10. Corvet
      Hi. For some reason I can no longer post a message from my blackberry. Any ideas?
      1. cereal_killer
        check your browser settings on your blackberry. You'll need session cookies enabled when your on site otherwise it will keep you logged out.
        Apr 15, 2015
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