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Oct 13, 2008
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Jan 27, 2017
    1. TNHarley
      I gave you a link. Asslips is asclepias or whatever.

      Just click on the damn link :D
    2. dsolo802
      BAC....please contact me: or look for me here: Political Forums - Index
    3. AVG-JOE
      No blood, No foul... Welcome back.
    4. Kaiser Soze
      Kaiser Soze
      Hey brother - guess who?
    5. AVG-JOE
      Hey BAC!! Good to see you!
    6. Grind
      sup dude.
    7. LA RAM FAN
      LA RAM FAN
      please respond to this black if you get it.
    8. Red Dawn
      Red Dawn
      thankhs for the cool message. I respect your opinion even if we disagree
    9. ABikerSailor
      Who gives a fuck if you read it or not? You're an idiot and a coward for dissing RGS and his service. I've also see your sorry fucked up as denigrate other vets on here. So what if you don't read it? Choosing to ignore something does NOT make you smart about it Black Ass Hole.
    10. Annie
      I deed. That was gorgeous, thank you! You make me think, even if we don't always agree. (I know, nice understatement.) Wonderful New Year to you and yours, my friend.
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    It is "society" which provides man with food, clothing, a home, the tools of work, language, the forms of thought, and most of the content of thought; his life is made possible through the labor and the accomplishments of the many millions past and present who are all hidden behind the small word "society."
    -- Albert Einstein: Why Socialism