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Jul 24, 2014
    1. eagle1462010
      Thanks for the neg............I like the tune Godzilla anyway. Have a nice day!
    2. irosie91
      Oh that was easy. How long have you been dimwitted. Oppenheim studies thing
      way back more than and concluded as geneticists ----and I and my colleagues have
      been saying for more than 4 decades----that both jews and other people of the
      LEVANT----which include most of the people today called "Palestinians"----descend from
      common ancestors dating back many MILLENIA-----7000
      years ago PRECEDES Judaism----ancient jews did not even exist until
      at most 5000 years ago thus one has to be really stupid to claim that
      todays "Palestinians" descend from "ancient jews"------

      did you pass High School?
    3. irosie91
      Ariella Oppenheim did the "original study" ? Genetic studies out of Israel have
      been appearing in the medical literature for as far back as I remember reading
      NEW ONES (more than 40 years), Do you know the name of the journal?
      Israeli stuff usually appears in the NEJM or BMJ or LANCET videos?
      OK I will check "ARIELLA OPPENHEIM" and TSVI MISNAI---
      I assume these people are either MDs or Molecular Biologists right?
    4. amity1844
      Thanks, irosie91!
      your issue up with Ariella Oppenheim, who did the original study. This is her conclusion. I am not a geneticist, so am just reporting what the implications of her findings on the first of the videos. There is also cultural evidence from Tsvi Misinai.

      So at any rate, it seems to be a done deal among geneticists that Palestinians are about 85% descended from ancient Jews.
    5. irosie91
      amity ---I am irosie91. I have read your posts on Israel/'palestine board and find them
      very interesting for many reasons. Some time ago you stated something like--"no one
      here is able to discuss the field of genetic. --in fact I am. I have been into chromosomes
      since Watson and Crick and have read the literature AS IT DEVELOPED.
      "THE 'palestinians' of today are descended from the ancient jews"--is really stupid--actually
      utterly meaningless -- repetition of the meaningless statement is silly.
      Your theory that shared haplotypes makes it so---is simply incorrect--and your theory
      that the shared haplotypes confers ownership of land---is uttely psychotic. I can
      assure you--based on fact---jews share haplotypes with Saudis-----do I get
      an oil well?---for that matter--American Indians of north America----according to
      you----own Asia. more- How do you define "ancient"? For jews 2000
      years ago is recent history. You seem clueless
    6. amity1844
      Don't let those jerks fool you with their sophistry. Use YOUR brains.
    7. GHook93
      Hey Shit for brains, why are you such an ignorant ****?
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