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Aug 26, 2008
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Amarillo TX
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Diamond Member, from Amarillo TX

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Feb 22, 2020 at 12:21 AM
    1. California Girl
      California Girl
      That's the greatest compliment I have had in a long time. On the day that I am desperate enough to need to pay to screw some old guy who can't insult someone without using foul language and got beaten in the womb with the ugly stick, is the day I join a convent. Is this your second childhood or third?
    2. California Girl
      California Girl
      According to your Stats, you're 45 years old. LMAO.... Act like a grown up, little man. The view from the moral highground is beautiful. Shall I send you a pic from up here?
    3. California Girl
      California Girl
      I am aware, as are you - which is, no doubt, why you use PM for your vitriolic ranting... I prefer my conversations to by open for all to view. That way, anyone who is vaguely interested can see that I have behaved like a grown up. Pity you cannot make the same claim to the moral highground. Have a nice day. LOL.
    4. California Girl
      California Girl
      Better public than your cowardly PMs, little man. You make yourself look an idiot with absolutely no help from me. LMAO.
    5. California Girl
      California Girl
      You continue to make an ass of yourself. Have at it. Childish behavoir is your progative. You make yourself look stupid, I sit back and do nothing.
    6. Wicked Jester
      Wicked Jester
      Thanks for the rep!
      I'll get you one back in kind.
      Seriously, how in the hell can these people actually think that those two crazy bastards would have a chance in hell?
      And the funny thing is, they're probably dumb enough to contribute money to the campaign.
      Thanks for your service again, btw.
    7. California Girl
      California Girl
      Your neg rep comment to me: Not a hugger? Yep, knew you were a **** lipped whore that likes to fuck with people she shouldn't. You only subtract 2 from me, I subtract 42 from you. Do the math you fucking ****.

      The funniest part of this is that you mistake me for someone who actually cares about such nonsense. Seriously, you are such a loser - but you're really, really funny. Thanks for the entertainment. LMAO. If Jillian has half the intellect that I suspect she does, she would be ashamed to have someone like you "defending" her. Silly little ankle biter.
    8. MegaDude71
      Retired from USN, or were you really chaptered out for being a '****'? Be careful who you mess with!
    9. actsnoblemartin
      You are vile, mean, jerk.
    10. PixieStix
      Breaking Bad is my show. I can't wait for the next season. I freaking love that show. Poor Jesse, Walt is turning into a monster. I think LOL
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    Amarillo TX
    Retired Navy
    Retired US Navy sailor who is now a hippie biker


    Everyone has a right to their own opinion? Bullshit, everyone has a right to their own INFORMED opinion. - Harlan Ellison

    You can measure the patriotism of a citizen, not by how much they shout in support of their country, but rather by how much they KNOW about their country.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]God is my Sensei..........