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by Mrs. M. at Feb 1, 2016
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The latest UN buzz word is “nativism.” Expect to hear it a lot. The UN International Migrant Spokesman would like us to believe that flooding Europe with Muslim immigrants should be equated with the Irish flooding America. In a pig's eye, Mr. Sutherland. As the Irish say, “You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.”

The Irish didn't wash up on the shores of America in rubber rafts overloaded with military aged males. The Christians aboard were not cast into the sea and drown for praying to God that their journey would be a safe one. The Irish didn't descend upon the women of NY like vultures, raping and sexually molesting them. Had they done any of those things they would have been promptly arrested and deported.

The truth is there can be no comparison between the Irish people and these people from Islamic Nations. It is as if this Irish born businessman has amnesia and cannot recall the historical account of how the Irish first immigrated to America. Mr. Sutherland, the Chief appointed to advise the UN on mass migration internationally, is living in a dream world.

His concern for Muslim refugees and their children has been duly noted. Mr. Sutherland's absence of concern for European citizens is rivaled only by the Pope's latest statement:

Pope Francis: Countries that Take in Refugees Must Change
Message for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees 2016 (12 September 2015) | Francis

The Vatican established their own commission to accomplish mass migration with the assistance of the UN after WWII. International Catholic Migration Commission - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
by Mrs. M. at Jan 19, 2016
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UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon & Spec. Rep. for International Migration, Peter Sutherland

Sovereign nations are being led like lambs to the slaughter by leaders who are enforcing UN international laws over than their own. The pain and suffering of the people who elected these traitors is increasing like birth pangs of a woman in labor. What in the world is going on?

To get the right answers we must first ask the right questions such as…“Why are EU leaders sacrificing their own people upon the UN's anti-Christ altar?”

It is as if these leaders are living in some parallel universe. Surely they can see the UN Migrant policy of multiculturalism is a mass suicide mission. How could any leader agree to a mandate from the UN which denies the sovereignty of the nation they were elected to represent?

The mass confusion and chaos that has descended upon the world is directly tied to the actions of the United Nations. The battle that is raging over citizens rights vs. UN rights is a bitter one. In order for the UN to succeed they must first be able to silence the voice of dissent. Any opportunity for the truth to be heard would spell their defeat.

UN Resolution 16/18 is gaining momentum. With the assistance of the UN, the O.I.C is meeting their 10 year deadline to criminalize any criticism of Islam.

It is no coincidence that their agenda coincides with the UN's agenda to replace the sovereignty of nations with their own international brand. It was their plan from the beginning to create a global government in which the citizens of the world would be under their brutal control.

One only need examine the UN Migrant policy that is currently underway in Europe. Internationalists who are loyal to the UN and its Vatican rather than their own people. At the top of the list is a man named Peter Sutherland.

I had never heard of Mr....
by Mrs. M. at Jan 17, 2016
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Lithuanian, Armin, was murdered by Syrian Muslim classmate

The story of a 15 yr. Old Lithuanian boy, who was stabbed to death at school by a Muslim immigrant's son, should serve as a dire warning to Europe.

Witnesses say that the 14 yr. Old Syrian immigrant assaulted a female student. Later on, he plotted the murder of the 15 yr. old classmate who stepped in to protect her.The victim was taken to a hospital where he later died.

Classes were canceled Tuesday at the school. News sources reported that the school is dedicated to educating students who do not speak the Swedish language.

A female student described the victim, Armin, as wonderful. He was always there when you needed him. When you had bad days, Armin was always there to make them better. He was a cheerful soul. Armin was popular and many students liked him.

Swedish authorities withheld the names and ethnicity of both the murderer and his victim, in an apparent effort to hide the dangers of UN multiculturalism policy. Students at the school said the victim was Lithuanian and his name was Armin.

Students identified the Syrian immigrant who knifed the victim, as Ahmed. Ahmed recently migrated from Syria to Sweden with his father. The local village where the students attended the school has had a recent flood of immigrants from Syria.

The father of one pupil had issued an unheeded warning to a Counselor at the school stating, "Wake up, before it is too late."

It was reported that the Syrian student had a reputation of harassing female students at the school. An investigation uncovered Ahmed had visited certain web pages over Christmas holiday on “how to kill someone properly.”

Locals believe it was an honor killing. Ahmed's cultural background believes it is an unforgivable offense for anyone to stop...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 15, 2016
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Fox News correspondents Neil Cavuto and Maria Bartiromo did a superb job of moderating last night's debate. Both moderators asked key questions and neither targeted the candidates, which is as it should be. Kudos to Fox News for finally selecting two moderators that are capable of handling the job!

Now for the highlights of the debate:

The GOP front runner, Donald Trump, was asked if there was anything he heard from Obama's SOTU address that made him want to rethink his position on Muslim immigration. Mr. Trump responded, “No, we have to stop this political correctness!” We have a tremendous problem with radical Islam. From the favorable applause Mr. Trump received, it's apparent his audience agreed with him.

That didn't stop Gov. Jeb Bush from disagreeing. He accused Mr. Trump of being unhinged in his position of calling for a temporary ban of all Muslims immigrating to the United States. When asked if he was accusing Mr. Trump's supporters of being “unhinged,” Gov. Bush responded, “No.”

Gov. Bush's failure to differentiate between Trump and his supporters, on the subject of Muslim immigration, was a clear sign that his own position was one of political correctness rather than putting the safety of Americans first.

Trump scored big on the question about Muslim immigration.

On the problem of Ted Cruz's eligibility, Mr. Trump pointed out that the Senator was born in Canada and that lawyers were waiting to challenge the issue, should Sen. Cruz win.

He has a big question mark over his head, Trump said. The American people cannot afford a big question mark on this issue. Trump stated that he was responding to a Washington Post interview when the subject came up. Mr. Trump advised Sen. Cruz to get a declaratory judgment. The Senator responded, “I am not taking legal advice from Mr. Trump.”

A pivotal moment in the debate occurred when...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 14, 2016
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As the people of Europe storm social media to vent their outrage at the Islamic invasion that is creating sexual jihad attacks in places like Cologne Germany, government officials are cracking down on any criticism of Muslim Immigrants or Islam. They are now asking Social Media outlets to join them in their war against free speech.

Stefan Korner, Chairman of the Pirate Party Germany, has objected to creeping censorship on social media outlets. While it has been reported that Facebook is beginning to delete posts from its members, Twitter appears determined to respect the free speech of its members.

USMB, US Message Board - Political Discussion Forum, a considerably smaller social media website was not listed as a target by European authorities. The political website is a supporter of free speech and their slogan is – Where Every Voice Matters. Their statement is that they welcome everyone despite political and / or religious beliefs, and continue to encourage the right to free speech.

As an Op-ed Contributor for USMB, I'm not aware of any other political forum that protects freedom of speech as much as they do. I believe it is the largest political discussion forum on the internet with the exception of Facebook and Twitter.

The request from European officials appears to be in accordance with UN Resolution 16/18 which intends to make any criticism of Islam a criminal offense. While European citizens are seeing their freedom of expression crushed under the UN Resolution, America is still holding fast to 1st Amendment rights.

Will Social Media outlets cave in to UN pressure or will they exercise their 1st Amendment rights and say no to UN Resolution 16/18?

For information on UN Resolution 16/18 see this report -...