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by Mrs. M. at Oct 24, 2016
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Recently while listening to a popular Christian radio show Light of Truth on you tube, I heard the speaker compare Donald Trump to the legendary figure Spartacus. He made it clear that he wasn't involved in the election nor was he openly endorsing anyone so I won't mention his name. Nevertheless it was an interesting comment. Within in the span of less than a minute, he offered a unique description of who Donald Trump reminded him of. Here is what he said:

Spartacus started out as a man of the system, a soldier who served as an auxiliary in the Roman army in Macedonia. He then deserted the army, left the system behind, was captured, sold into slavery, and became a gladiator of great renown. Spartacus started out with 70 odd men, and built up an army of slaves that estimates put at 120,000. He was a man of the people, and the people followed him, and with everything the Roman empire threw at him he always grew in notoriety. - end quote

It is an interesting comparison because like Spartacus, Donald Trump was once a man of the system, who supported the establishment Democrats although he was never an elected politician within their ranks. He then deserted their system, leaving it behind, which led to the establishment (both Democrat and Republican), turning against him. Donald Trump became a world renowned fighter for the American people, who are enslaved by the establishment's Empire and gave them hope to be free once again.

As Trump grew in popularity among American slaves (of the establishment system), the modern day Roman Empire which rules America threw everything at this Spartacus but the proverbial kitchen sink! From paying lawless and violent men to disrupt his rallies, firebombing his headquarters in NC, physically beating his followers, vandalizing their cars and Mr. Trump's properties to fixing polls, rigging debate questions, attacking his character with a barrage of...
by Mrs. M. at Oct 23, 2016
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Hillary Clinton had one major hurdle to overcome in order to win the 2016 presidential race. Who she is. Her real image. The truth is after Benghazi - Mrs. Clinton became the most hated woman in America. "What does it matter?" .... became her legacy and solidified the image of a woman with a heart of stone. She desperately needed an image make over and that would require the grand illusion that at least "some" Americans would still support her bid to become the next president of the United States. Like the Devil she serves, she has overplayed her hand.

In April of 2015, The Daily Mail did an investigation about the illusion that Mrs. Clinton has been creating out of thin air, better known as cyber air. The results of that investigation were nothing short of astonishing:


  • Two different online audit tools say no more than 44 per cent of Hillary's 3.6 million Twitter fans are real people who participate in the platform
  • The newly minted presidential candidate is fending off accusations that her Facebook page is full of fake 'likes'
  • Her Facebook fan base includes more people from Baghdad, Iraq than any US city
  • When she was secretary of state, her agency paid $630,000 to bulk up its Facebook likes, but pledged to stop after she left
Although Hillary Clinton boasts a robust 3.6 million Twitter followers, not even a vast right-wing conspiracy would be able to interact with 2 million of them.

According to two popular online measuring tools, no more than 44 per cent of her Twitter fan base consists of real people who are active in using the social media platform., the oldest publicly available Twitter-auditing tool, reports that 44 per cent of the former secretary of state's followers are 'good'; 15 per cent are 'fake'; and 41 per cent are...
by Mrs. M. at Oct 22, 2016
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Meet Helmut Norpoth - a Professor of Political Science at Stony Brook University who has created a statistical model of presidential elections that use a candidates performance in their party's primary and patterns in the electoral cycle as predictors of the presidential vote in the general election.

Professor Norpoth predicted in February of this year that Trump has a mininum 97 percent chance of winning the general election as the Republican Nominee.

He now states that according to his statistical model that it is an 87% - 99% certainty that Trump will be the next president of the United States. As we see in this breaking interview Professor Northrop is not backing down from his earlier prediction (although he is now giving a window of 87%-99% instead of minimum 97%). You can hear what he has to say in this interview with a major news television network.

In February the professor of political science at Stony Brook University had forecasted that Donald Trump had a minimum 97 percent chance of winning the general election as the Republican nominee. The following graph and information is based on his primary model. Link and information below.

The Primary Model (2016)​

87%-99% Certain Trump Will Be President Primaries Predict Election Winner

-- Cycle Also Favors GOP —​

Forecast Model Batting 5 for 5 (since 1996)​

by Helmut Norpoth​

It is 87% to 99% certainty that Donald Trump will win the...
by Mrs. M. at Oct 22, 2016
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Julian Assange has upset the apple cart that was meant to carry Mrs. Clinton & her entourage of bad apples to the White House on November 8th, 2016. Considering the damaging emails that are now spilling out, one might wonder whether or not there was ever anything but rotten apples in the cart to begin with! CNN (dubbed by some as "Clinton News Network") claims that reading Wikileaks emails is illegal. John Kerry has put enormous pressure on Ecuador to sever Julian Assange's internet service in order to stop him from doling out more emails which slice to the core of Sec. Clinton's "seedy" dealings.

What exactly is in those emails that has everyone in Hillary's camp so worried?

One transcript provided by Political insider:

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Julian, I want to mention something else. In March, you launched a searchable archive for over 30,000 emails and email attachments sent to and from Hillary Clinton’s private email server while she was secretary of state. The 50,547 pages of documents span the time from June 2010 to August 2014; 7,500 of the documents were sent by Hillary Clinton herself. The emails were made available in the form of thousands of PDFs by the U.S. State Department as the result of a Freedom of Information Act request. Why did you do this, and what’s the importance, from your perspective, of being able to create a searchable base?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, WikiLeaks has become the rebel library of Alexandria. It is the single most significant collection of information that doesn’t exist elsewhere, in a searchable, accessible, citable form, about how modern institutions actually behave. And it’s gone on to set people free from prison, where documents have been used in their court cases; hold the CIA accountable for renditions programs; feed into election cycles, which have resulted in the termination of, in some case—or contributed to the termination of governments, in some cases, taken the heads of intelligence agencies, ministers of defense and so...
by Mrs. M. at Oct 21, 2016
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Henry Kissinger once said the best way to deal with a big problem is to get out in front of it before the news breaks. The news media has a big problem on its hands because Hillary is losing big and they know it.

The following news story is a classic example of Henry's crafty strategy. Before Clinton's rigged election numbers roll in the New York Post has already written a story to explain how she won by a landslide. According to the New York Post Americans are going to vote in record numbers for a President we don't like, don't trust and don't want. After she "wins" the election, poor Hillary will be without the comparison of Trump. Pass the Kleenex box please.

I'm truly amazed that the media believes that the American people are going to buy their story much less vote for "their candidate." According to their logic, 77% - 80% of American voters who do not want Hillary Clinton are going to vote for her anyway.

Americans are about to get the first landslide president we don’t want | New York Post
An astonishing (but kinda not really) NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released this week has her winning the presidential race by 9 points, even though just 42 percent of voters said Clinton has the personality and temperament to serve, just 23 percent agreed that she “cares about people like you,” just 20 percent said she shared their values, and only 11 percent said she is honest and trustworthy.

Your average IRS auditor/ambulance chaser who moonlights as a used-car salesman enjoys better numbers. Unfortunately for Clinton, as of Nov. 9, she will no longer enjoy the benefit of comparison with Trump. Americans are about to get the first landslide president we didn’t want. - end quote

This is no surprise that they compare Hillary Clinton's numbers to less than an IRS auditor/ambulance chaser who...