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by Martin Eden Mercury at Nov 10, 2015
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Hillary Clinton's Imperium and The Democratic Party's Rubicon - A Republican Metaphor

The candidacies of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Martin O'Malley, form a Democratic party Triumvirate. It is republican in nature, but not very democratic. Whereas O'Malley has real executive experience of having been both a mayor and a governor, and Sanders has a real, but limited executive experience as a mayor, Hillary's executive experience as head of the State Department, along with her tenure as First Lady, as well US Senator, gives her a sort of power of imperium within the party. All other things being equal, the power to command, and the authority of each campaign, is not. Within the party, the power and authority of the other two campaigns combined, doesn't even come close to matching that of Clinton's.

The imperium power Clinton holds within the DNC primary, stands in stark contrast to a lesser power, a lesser auctoritas held by both O'Malley and Sanders. Since at least June of 2015, O'Malley is on record mentioning President Obama's Libya policy, and specifically the Benghazi issue. He is also on record denying the mentions have any inference to Hillary's contributions to the Obama administration's Libya policy during her stewardship at State, or to any culpability surrounding the Benghazi incident. Mr. O'Malley warily avoids the appearance of doing what he must do in order to have a serious shot at being the forerunner and eventual nominee. He skirts the edge of the rubicon and backs off, looking more like an Eastern Shore rube, than a former Baltimore Mayor, and Maryland Governor. I question if he has what it takes to make it through the primary season. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders has opted for being the prudente candidate: prudent, sensible, and reasonable. This may have something to do with his not so progressive voting record. It is obvious Sanders fears attacking...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 9, 2015
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"Stop the Madness"

There is breaking news coming out of Israel today that a Palestinian terror cell has been busted. The report is that they were targeting vehicles traveling along Route 443. Three of the terrorists confessed to hurling molotov cocktails at motorists passing by. Two of the terrorists were underage and their names have been withheld.

This is not the first time there has been violence against motorists in the region. Earlier in the year, other terror cells were caught attacking vehicles in the same area.

Those who were arrested turned over the names of 20 individuals who were allegedly involved in terrorism against motorists traveling in that region. Those suspects have also been detained. One member of the terror cell was identified as belonging to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

As I continue to read reports coming in about terrorism in Israel, two things have become clear to me. First, the IDF and Israeli police are being overwhelmed by these type of attacks. Just yesterday news came out about a Palestinian woman who was killed after attempting to knife an Israeli security guard. She was only 23 years old. While biased news media and U.N. reports blame Israel for defending herself, what else should she do? Die?

by Mrs. M. at Nov 8, 2015
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Becoming a grandparent for the fourth time was yet another one of those greatest moments in my life. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The wonder of that moment still lingers. My granddaughter was born with some complications so she could not come home right away. When I held her in my arms at the hospital and beheld her tiny face, I saw God's most beautiful creation and gift to mankind. A grandchild. Her lips looked like a little rose bud. Though tiny, she was perfect from head to toe.

When my son was finally able to bring mother and baby home, their house was ready. My husband and I tried our best not to drop by too often or smother them as they bonded with their little one. Soon they had to go back to work and as my husband and I were available, we took care of our granddaughter when their schedules conflicted.

Sometimes that meant overnight stays but we have never minded because when our granddaughter is with us we are able to lavish her with lots of love, attention, and outings to see things she enjoys. She will be two years old this Thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for. Our other three grandchildren live very far away! We've never had this opportunity before!

When I take my granddaughter out for an ice-cream or a shopping day for toys, I sometimes meet other grandparents. Some of them have told me they are raising their grandchildren. They feel overburdened with the responsibility of taking their grandchildren for extended periods of time, overnight stays, and trips to the doctor.

It is understandable that many parents need more help these days due to the cost of childcare. If they cannot work out their schedules so that one is home while the other works they are going to need back up. That is where...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 8, 2015
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Timing is important. It's one of the most difficult things to teach another person because it comes from experience. To catch the perfect wave you have to keep your eye on the horizon watching for it. You need to see it coming before it gets there.

As I watch the GOP candidates rise and fall, one by one, I am reminded of the discipline surfers are known for. They rise up early to train, they use their instincts, their experience, and their courage to catch the wave and ride it out. Their focus is single, their determination is unwavering. You can tell the great ones enjoy the ride no matter how rough it gets.

A surfer does not blame the wave if he falls. He accepts responsibility for where he missed it, picks up his board and heads back out there again. If he doesn't know how to surf? He won't learn how on "Jaws." He needs a smaller wave. “Baby steps.” Take Bill Murray's advice, Dr. Carson.

In all seriousness, the GOP candidates are going to have to grow up and accept the fact that in any race the competition isn't going to let them take 1st place without a fight. The nature of politics is dirty and whatever you say, can and will, be used against you. It is a poor specimen that cannot handle the pressures of adversity.

Anyone can pose on the cover of a magazine and look presidential. The right lighting, make-up, photo displayed can make a fool look like a king (or queen). Image is only skin deep. It is what is underneath that image that counts.

Candidates will spend an inordinate amount of time with image consultants, experts on body language, wardrobe consultants, all in an effort to present the right image. The right image can win an election and put them in the oval office. It just won't help them lead a nation of over 300 million people. Electing the wrong candidate can mean the difference between prosperity and poverty. It can also mean the difference between...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 7, 2015
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"How to Change a Life"
The value of a mentor cannot be measured. I came across an article in the NY Times yesterday about a football player who made it to the NFL because of a group of mentors who came into his life and helped him when he needed it most. Having a mentor can mean the difference between success or failure and when we are talking about someone's life? That is huge!

Why not look around and ask yourself, Who do I know that needs some encouragement? What can I do to help that person fulfill the plans and purposes God has for their life?

Don't limit yourself to the idea of mentoring a child. There are many adults who need to be mentored and would benefit from someone helping them develop the gift they have within them.

Years ago, I read a story about Louis Armstrong and how his parents had left him in the care of his grandmother. Louie dropped out of school at a young age to work. A Jewish family who had hired him, noticed he was struggling and decided to take Louis under their wing.The family bought Louie his first cornet after noticing his interest in music. Louie Armstrong knew the meaning of the song he was remembered for, “What a wonderful World.”

I'd like to share my own story with you. When my husband and I moved the country, he bought me my first computer. I met a group of Jewish people online who were well educated and passionate about subjects which interested me. One of the people in that group became my mentor. He is a published writer and his books are some of the best I've ever read. I am dedicating this article to him.

Mr. E., thank you for being my friend and for being the greatest mentor anyone could ever hope for!

A mentor is a friend, a role model, one who encourages, someone...