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by mudwhistle at Mar 18, 2019
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The left is at it again. And I've been predicting they would try this since they started flooding countries with refugees/illegals. They're accusing Trump of being the influence of a faceless/nameless White Supremacist's resorting to violence in New Zealand.

This is how Communists win hearts and minds and how they eliminate critics of their vile acts. By using their corrupt media to accuse their targets of the very acts they caused in the first place.
They claim that because Trump is against Muslim refugees coming from Syria migrating to the US, Trump is using the same language as this guy who obviously is against the spread of Islam into his country. Thus, Trump is influencing White Guys to shoot Muslim refugees from Syria that moved to New Zealand. This kind of irrational inflammatory rhetoric passes for news these days. The problem with all of this is there are actually a bunch of dumb folks willing to believe it. This is some scary shit.

There are several reasons why liberals are flooding the world with Muslim refugees and illegals from Central America:

  • Bringing millions of people from another country into your country can spread diseases
  • Bringing millions of people who immediately claim asylum and want welfare will drain your social welfare system
  • If the millions of people they bring here are in a religion that believes in subjugating other religions what do you think will happen
  • The left hopes that locals will react violently to all of the above
  • The left will blame anyone who is against the above actions for the acts of anyone who becomes violent
  • The left will label any actions by critics of the above actions RACISTS
I have been predicting for a couple of years that the media would use the inevitable attacks by angry nutcases against all of the illegals flooding into our country, or the flooding of refugees from war torn and impoverished countries into peaceful societies.
Now you're seeing this in real time.
by Dalia at Mar 18, 2019
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March 18- Several people were injured in a shooting that occurred on Monday morning, 18 March, in Utrecht, a city in the center of the Netherlands, reports the Dutch police. A square housing a tram station on the outskirts of the city center was cordoned off by the police. The emergency services and the anti-terrorist brigade are on site.

According to several local media, a person reportedly opened fire in a tram on 24 Oktoberplein. A spokesman for the police confirmed that the gunman has fled. Witnesses say that there are several shooters.

[DIRECT] Plusieurs blessés dans une fusillade à Utrecht aux Pays-Bas
by Angelo at Mar 16, 2019
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Way to go Kevin Meyers ! It's a plant which never should have been illegal in the first place.

Although marijuana is legal in a handful of states for recreational use, the powers that be in most of those jurisdictions have put their foot down when it comes to allowing cannabis users to consume the herb in a public setting in the same way that has been done with alcohol for decades. But not Alaska. Earlier this week Lieutenant Governor Kevin Myers put his signature on a bill that will allow licensed dispensaries to open up social consumption sites for those 21 and older.

by Billy_Kinetta at Mar 13, 2019
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Credit for time served.

81 additional months. Some will run concurrently.

About 7 years.