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by RodISHI at Nov 18, 2018
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Reports are the police were shooting randomly into the crowds of people. From the report of the person who put up the Youtube. U.S. troops have secured the International airport. That video has been removed (it wouldn't open). A Miami paper reported a few protestors (like gang violence) but this like a large portion of the people are sick of the corruption that has been going down since the earthquake. Recently 25 corpse were found in a grave and that was reported as being gang related but a few people reporting to people we know say it has been an ongoing slaughter of anyone that may protest the corrupt government there????

This looks like everyday people not just gangs to me.
James Julmis on Twitter

Thread by @CoreysDigs: "1) U.S. FORCES HAVE TAKEN CONTROL OF THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT IN PORT-AU-PRINCE HAITI I was receiving reports on this over the weekend, whi […]" #Haiti #ClintonCartel #ClintonCrimeFamily
by mudwhistle at Nov 17, 2018
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CA Governor Jerry Brown vetoed SB 1463, which would have given local governments a bigger role in putting together fire risk maps with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Cal Fire, the state’s firefighting agency along with funding in 2016 that would have helped prevent wildfires.*

  • Critics are attacking California Gov. Jerry Brown for vetoing a 2016 bill aimed at mitigating fire risks from utility equipment.
  • “He has done nothing to harden those assets,” said GOP state Sen. John Moorlach.
  • Wildfires have consumed more than 221,000 acres since Thursday, killing at least 44 people.
*California Gov. Jerry Brown’s decision to veto a 2016 bipartisan bill aimed at mitigating wildfire risks from power lines and utility equipment has become the focus of critics as fires rage across the state.

Wildfires have scorched more than 221,000 acres across California since Thursday, and Brown’s critics are pointing to the two-year-old veto as news reports suggest power lines may have sparked the deadliest wildfire in California’s history.

“He has done nothing to harden those assets,” state Sen. John Moorlach, a Republican, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. (RELATED: Jerry Brown Is ‘Not Correct’ About California Wildfires, Scientist Says)

Moorlach sponsored the 2016 bill, called SB 1463, which would have given local governments a bigger role in putting together fire risk maps with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and Cal Fire, the state’s firefighting agency.

The bill also required the CPUC to work with utilities to mitigate wildfire risks, including putting transmission lines underground if necessary. The bill passed through both state legislative chambers, but Brown...
by shockedcanadian at Nov 17, 2018
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You cant make this stuff up:

Broward counts the wrong ballots as Florida races to finish manual recount ahead of Sunday deadline

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fresh off its bungled machine recount, Broward County’s second day of manual recounting temporarily stopped about an hour after it began Saturday when lawyers from both political parties pointed out that volunteers were counting the wrong ballots.

Hundreds of volunteers spent most of Friday sorting through 32,000 overvotes and undervotes in the Senate race between incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson and Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Broward officials announced Friday night they had finished their manual recount.

On Saturday, the volunteers started sorting about 22,000 undervotes and overvotes in the contentious contest for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.

That came to a grinding halt when lawyers found thousands of overlapping ballots which clearly showed a vote in the agriculture race but were fuzzy in the Senate race.
by shockedcanadian at Nov 9, 2018
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What is going on guys? Are they stealing an election, and like Hilary, telling America to "go f yourselves"?

Rep. Matt Gaetz‏Verified account @RepMattGaetz
The lawyers for #BrendaSnipes will not allow comply with court order. That very same order, ruled that Snipes violated the Florida Constitution by not allowing access to these important records. I suspect the night will lead into drafting a motion for contempt...

Also, per Rubio:

Marco Rubio‏Verified account @marcorubio

#PalmBeachCounty elections supervisor bans media cameras from public ballot counting & threatens them with arrest. How much more will it take to convince skeptics that what is happening in Palm Beach & #BrowardCounty is not a normal elections process?
by shockedcanadian at Nov 9, 2018
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Tweet from the Executive branch of the United States:

Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

Just out — in Arizona, SIGNATURES DON’T MATCH. Electoral corruption - Call for a new Election? We must protect our Democracy!