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by depotoo at Jan 22, 2018
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Just heard it. If fixes are not made we will withdraw immediately, and US Embassy in Jerusalem will open before the end of 2019.
Arab members in Israeli parliament had a fit and raised signs stating Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine.

Pence Calls Iran Nuclear Deal 'Disaster,' Warns Of U.S. Withdrawal
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty › tillers...

2 hours ago · U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has reiterated that the United States will " withdraw" from the Iran nuclear deal with world powers unless the agreement is " fixed." Pence made the comments in an address to the Israeli ...

US in Jerusalem embassy move 'next year'
by Baz Ares at Jan 21, 2018
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All other NFL team fans, can kiss my ASS! Going 8 times to Super Bowls, in 17 Years.
Means Deflate-Gate was ALL BS by LOSER JEALOUS FANS for other SHITTY Teams!
by shockedcanadian at Jan 19, 2018
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This is the kind of thing I'm talking about. This government is a massive threat to America. It's also a big reason why some who defected to Russia and gave away NSA secrets have done their nation a massive disservice. People lose their lives when you make mistakes or leak technical capabilities.

U.S. intelligence officials remain concerned that China has compromised the methods that the CIA uses to communicate with overseas informants, dampening agents’ enthusiasm after the Monday arrest of a former CIA officer for allegedly retaining classified information, The Washington Post reported.

Between 18 and 20 key CIA sources in China went dark from 2010 to 2012, in what US officials described as one of the worst intelligence failures in decades, according to the New York Times.

Investigators are examining the possibility that China compromised the informants by intercepting their communications with CIA handlers, the Post reported.

Among their considerations: Covert U.S. communications with informants have been intercepted by other countries with less sophisticated hacking capabilities than China, according to The New York Times.

And investigators noted that the CIA has been sloppy in its communications with Chinese informants, including by allowing informants to know their handlers’ identities, the paper said.
by Xelor at Jan 17, 2018
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Well glory be! Finally someone who matters is admitting that Trump was spewing ignorant notions. Insofar as millions of people ascribed to it those notions, it's pretty obvious that they were every bit as ignorant in thinking those notions "held water."

Has so-called "fair and balanced" Fox truly been mum on this revelation?
I searched for their coverage of it. Nothing....It's no wonder Trumpkins are every bit as ignorant as Trump on the matter of immigration.
by shockedcanadian at Jan 17, 2018
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Yet, how many American corporations are propping up China and selling out American values to these communist?

Have to pull back on this, there's no other alternative. America First. They have CIA imprisoned and some killed, these rat bast.ards are not Americas allies, you can be sure of this. Drop a tariff on their asses, and work to cut off the head.

Make a trade for all the CIA agents imprisoned. if not, let this sob rot in prison and double down on activities against the WTO darlings in Chinese government.

Arrested ex-CIA officer suspected of compromising US informants in China: report

The former CIA officer arrested Monday for unlawfully retaining classified information may have helped China execute or imprison several U.S. informants, according to The Wall Street Journal, citing U.S. officials familiar with the matter.

Jerry Chun Shing Lee, 53, unlawfully possessed top secret information whose disclosure could cause “exceptionally grave damage to the National Security of the United States,” the FBI wrote in the affidavit supporting his arrest.

Lee, whose security clearance was terminated when he left the CIA in 2007, improperly retained books containing “true names and phone numbers of assets and covert CIA employees,” the affidavit read....