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by pismoe at Dec 22, 2018
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Story from 'columbia' . Looks like 'venezuala' is emptying itself of hungry 'venzies' . --- Desperate women fleeing Venezuela sell hair, breast milk, sex to get by --- build the WALL !!
by pismoe at Dec 22, 2018
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beheaders are assumed normal 'moroccan muslims' working for 'islamic state' according to article . ------------ Mother of murdered Scandinavian tourist was sent graphic images of her daughter’s killing: report ---
by pismoe at Dec 21, 2018
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looks like the Saudis will protect the 'kurds' probably at the orders of 'MBS' who rules Saudi Arabia' eh ?? Sounds good to me . 'muslim' defending 'muslim' kurds against 'muslim' turks . --- CHECKMATE – Saudi Crown Prince MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds in Syria… --- pretty nice if true eh ??
by Mindful at Dec 18, 2018
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He was sentenced to hard time — and a hard-to-watch Disney film.

A Missouri poacher who was convicted of illegally killing and beheading hundreds of deer has been ordered to watch “Bambi” every month while he’s behind bars, according to a new report.

David Berry Jr., 29, was sentenced to a year behind bars earlier this month for killing hundreds of deer over three years with members of his family — taking their heads as trophies and leaving the animals’ bodies behind to rot, officials told the Springfield News-Leader reports.

But to really drive the message home, he was also ordered to watch the 1942 animated Disney movie “Bambi” — including its heart-wrenching scene where a hunter shoots the titular fawn’s mother — once a month while he serves his time, according to the paper.

Berry’s first screening must be on or before Dec. 23.