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by Walt104 at Sep 18, 2018
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Among many, this appears to be another impeachable offense when it comes to abuse of power and national security issues. Yet of course tRump's fellow antigovernment conspiring GOPer cronies are all for it at being as treasonous as tRump is.

Trump has ordered the intelligence community to "provide for the immediate declassification" of several documents related to the FBI and the Department of Justice, the White House press secretary announced Monday. Source: National Public Radio, Inc.
by Walt104 at Sep 18, 2018
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According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency it appears this so-called president tRump was B slapped again at denying him a direct line to basically harass and abuse the system for his own deranged pleasure, in which tRump would be breaking the law again. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin in 2015 created a bill that would prevent a president or so-called president from abusing the system. Also D Trump who has lawlessly hacked and rigged in there in violation of U.S. Constitutional law is not only a jackass but the impostor is not my president either.
by mudwhistle at Sep 18, 2018
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Despite claims in the press to the contrary, Ms. Ford has not agreed to an appearance in front of The Senate Select Committee to Testify against Judge Kavavaugh.

As a matter of fact, she has not been reached for the last 36 hours, according to reports:

Trump court nominee's accuser has not agreed to testify: senator

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican U.S. Senate committee chairman said on Tuesday the woman who has accused President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault decades ago has not yet agreed to appear at a public hearing planned for Monday.

Senator Chuck Grassley said Christine Blasey Ford, a university professor in California whose allegations have put Kavanaugh’s once-safe nomination in serious jeopardy, has not responded to attempts by the Judiciary Committee, which oversees the confirmation process, to contact her.​
by DrLove at Sep 17, 2018
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Sure gonna be fun seeing if old, white Republicans will have the balls to grill this lady; who has btw taken a lie detector test. This is an educated woman well versed in psychology - not Stormy Daniels. She's going to hold up quite well, as old white Republicans bleed more college educated suburban women. :)