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by Mrs. M. at Dec 29, 2015
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The O.I.C. is the second largest organization in the world. It is comprised of 56 Islamic nations and the Palestinian Authority. This organization represents and speaks for 1.5 billion Muslim people worldwide. They have permanent observer status at the United Nations which affords them the luxury to draft treaties and lobby voting nations for signatures. They are also the largest voting bloc at the U.N.. They have the power to influence U.N. decisions but cannot vote in the General Assembly.

The O.I.C. is behind the creation of U.N. Resolution 16/18. The purpose of submitting this resolution to the U.N. is quite sinister. They are determined to strip Americans of their 1st Amendment rights and make it illegal to criticize Islam.

News sources have stated that the previous administration rejected Resolution 16/18 on the grounds that it would criminalize the defamation of Islam. In response, the O.I.C. edited the word Islam and replaced it with religion and blasphemy. According to their beliefs, there is no religion other than Islam. They recognize only one religion. Their own. This would include the definition of blasphemy. It applies to Islam and nothing else yet many do not realize this.

We are dealing with a very deceptive people who are very skillful at crafting words that appear acceptable while the meaning is defined by a previous transaction unbeknownst to those who sign on.

President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have signed Resolution 16/18 knowing full well what it will mean for the American people. Under the terms of this agreement we are obliged to be tolerant of those who are intolerant. The intolerant are not obliged to reciprocate because their religion does not call for tolerance. They will be permitted to continue to practice their religion of Islam unhindered. It is only the Christians, Jews, Hindus and non Muslims that...
by Mrs. M. at Dec 28, 2015
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After viewing a video entitled, “Refugees before our own,” it has become self-evident that the people on the front lines of this information warfare we're in, are not our politicians or news media. The people on the front lines today are private citizens. These people are using their talents to create compelling messages and videos for You Tube, USMB, Twitter and Facebook to educate the American people about what is happening in our very own country. They understand the issues and recognize the danger that we are facing. They are to be commended for doing a job that others were elected and paid to do but would not.

The American people cannot depend on the news media to tell them the truth. One look at the Muslim Invasion of Europe and how it is being reported should be enough to tell us that something is very wrong. The bigger the lie, the more they expect us to believe it. Were it not for the bloggers on Twitter, Facebook and political websites such as USMB, we'd be in the proverbial dark.

The Internet highway has a detour that offers Americans a faster, safer route to travel upon. Op-eds are being written and published independently of Leftist Establishment Media. You Tube videos are being produced by people who are not controlled by CNN, Fox News or MSNBC. Bloggers are reporting the news as it is rather than how the Obama Administration would have us believe it to be.

It is a grassroots effort and the power behind it is tremendous. Short, simple, hard hitting messages that are informing Americans and causing them to think about what is going on. After all, if the news media is controlled by elitist globalists how can we believe anything they tell us? According to one news source, these globalists have stashed away over 32 trillion dollars of their own wealth in offshore...
by Mrs. M. at Dec 28, 2015
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The family of 9 yr. Old Jermaine Culver are still awaiting justice a year after he was stabbed repeatedly while walking to school in Staten Island. Someone was seen on a neighbor's home surveillance camera stalking the boy before seizing him from behind, stabbing his neck, back, head and arm. The 9 yr. Old was able to escape his attacker and fled on foot. One news source described the attack as an attempted beheading. Fareed Mumami, has been named as a person of interest in the case. He lived a mere 600 yards from the boys home.

A source has reported that the NYPD have been prevented from gaining access to Fareed Mumami due to interference by the feds who refuse to cooperate with the investigation. Some investigators believe that it was a jihadist auditioning for ISIS. Five months after the attack, Fareed Mumami was arrested after he was suspected of a plot to blow up New York Times Square. A year later, the Culver family still wait for answers from authorities about justice for their traumatized son who now lives with relatives in Atlanta.

This is not an isolated case.

19 yr. Old Brendan Tevlin was gunned down in his vehicle while stopped at a red light in New Jersey. The gun man was identified as Ali Muhammad Brown. After murdering Brendan Tevlin, authorities tracked down Ali Muhammad Brown after he attempted to rob and car jack a motorist in Point Pleasant. Brown has also been charged with the murder of two people in Seattle. He is a registered sex offender for crimes against a 6 yr. Old girl.

The Muslim jihadist claims that his murderous rampage was an act of punishment, a protest against the US Government for its foreign policies.

According to some, this is yet another case of misclassified crimes. There is a fear that the knife intifada happening in Israel is...
by Mrs. M. at Dec 25, 2015
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Europeans have opened their hearts once again to Muslim refugees by bringing ten tons of Christmas gifts to the Calais refugee camp known as “The Jungle.” As winter sets in, the PETA Organization has donated real fur coats and leather shoes to the refugees worth half a million pounds.

PETA director Mimi Mekhechi said, “Cold refugees are the only people with any excuse to wear fur and will stay warm this winter.” Not everyone is in agreement with Mimi Mekhechi. According to one citizen in the UK, there are over 90,000 homeless people living on their streets who could also use fur coats from PETA but for some reason they are not eligible. He said, We are a kind and caring people, but not to our own. Another citizen questioned why PETA was still in possession of these fur coats when he was led to believe the coats would be destroyed.

Some French citizens insist that those who are building heated cabins and sending provisions for the refugees are encouraging them to not comply with the registration, job searches and legal entry into their country. They do not understand why the immigrants are refusing to go through the proper channels in order to enter France. News sources have reported that the refugees are waiting to go to Britain where there are greater benefits. If they cannot go to Britain they say they will remain in Calais indefinitely.

Calais has become like a city with mosques, several restaurants, a book shop and a dome shaped structure that is also used as an art gallery and a nightclub serving beer. There are plenty of games and entertainments for the children including playground facilities. There are tables that have been set up as recharging stations for iPhones and other electronic gadgetry.

Jaimie Oliver's staff is serving Christmas dinner to the campers in Calais while hundreds of British citizens have traveled there to...
by Mrs. M. at Dec 25, 2015
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For those of us who have received God's greatest gift, His only begotten Son, Christmas has a very special meaning. It is a time to remember the sacrifice God made on our behalf, that we might receive eternal life.

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
John 3:16

The true meaning of Christmas is that God loved this world enough to send his only begotten Son to redeem us. A few definitions of what it means to redeem according to Webster's dictionary:

to buy back, to repurchase
to release from blame or debt
to free from captivity by payment of ransom

Jesus Christ came to redeem us, to pay the debt for our sins and free us from captivity.

Although most theologians would agree that Jesus Christ was not born on December 25th, it is good to set aside a day that will remind us of what our LORD has done for us. Without him, where would any of us be? Which of us can look at our own children and not see the beauty, the purity and the love God has offered us?

How marvelous it is that God has designed the family to give us a picture of how much we mean to him! To teach us what it is to be a parent by giving us the opportunity to become one! Even as we delight in lavishing our own children with love, God delights in the chance to show his great love towards us.

This is a day to celebrate our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. Christmas is a time to celebrate our love for one another even as God has loved us. It is a time to forgive one another for past hurts, to start afresh and believe the best in one another.

It is a time to hold our children, our grandchildren and loved ones close and realize how precious life truly is. How blessed we are to be able to share our love with one another, with our friends and be grateful for living in a country...