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by Martin Eden Mercury at Nov 18, 2015
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On Friday the 13th of November, the jihadist, terrorist group known as Islamic State or Daesh, launched almost simultaneous attacks, in multiple areas, in and around Paris France. During the Democratic presidential debate the very next day, two issues specifically came up: Is Daesh/Islamic State gaining strength, and is the fight against them going badly?

Two days after the debate, and three days after the attacks in France, the Washington Post ran an article addressing the dilemma the world faces in engaging terrorism in general, and in particular, Islamic extremists like Daesh. French President François Hollande, had addressed the French Parliament on Monday declaring "France is at war." But he also specifically rejected the rhetoric espoused by American politicians such as Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Senator Marco Rubio and, closer to home, the far-right leader Marine Le Pen. "We are not committed to a war of civilizations, because these assassins don't represent any civilization," Hollande said. "We are in a war against terrorism, jihadism, which threatens the whole world." The dilemma is what to call them, what do they call themselves? Are their terror attacks proof of their strength, and proof the fight against them is going badly? How does this all square with reality?

In the past, Daesh has made some spectacular gains of land, but recently, some of those spectacular gains of land have been lost. In the larger picture outside of snapshots in time, Daesh does not seem to be expanding it's so-called Caliphate. Not beyond what it currently holds in small areas, inside of a few failed nation states. Earlier this year, the...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 18, 2015
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Truth is a wonderful gift. It is our guide, our teacher, and our protector. Abandoning truth is like abandoning the rudder of your ship before you set sail on the high seas. While the winds may carry you, you'll have no control over where you end up. Such is the case for why political correctness must come to an end.

While the rudder of truth has been dismantled by our leadership in the name of tolerance, America is drifting further and further off course. After hearing of our President's decision to receive 100,000 Syrian refugees without any possible way of eliminating ISIS from those not with ISIS, political correctness just might be the end of us yet.

Truth and political correctness cannot both lead the way. It must be one or the other.

When a political candidate running for the highest office in the land cannot utter two words to identify the enemy, we know their will to fight that enemy is weak. When our enemies perceive that we have not the will to confront them, they believe their strategy of intimidation is working.

Intimidation is one of the tools that the politically correct use in order to silence the truth. Someone once told me that the truth generally goes through three stages when challenged. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently fought against. And third? It becomes self-evident. Truth is well able to prevail against all of its enemies. By its very nature it will be revealed eventually, albeit too late for some to benefit from.

The truth is sovereign. It shall outlive us all.

To condemn the truth without examining it first, is utter foolishness. Americans are not afraid of widows and orphans, Mr. President. Americans are concerned about the safety of America. When can we expect you to join us? The photographs, stories, and latest terror attack in France are reason enough to...
by Martin Eden Mercury at Nov 18, 2015
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The second Democratic debate was held at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, on Nov. 14. It came one day after home-grown, EU jihadist sleeper cells, tied to the war in Syria and Daesh/Islamic State, had attacked Paris France. Former First Lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's first question and answer went like this: MODERATOR John Dickerson "Hours before the attacks, President Obama said, 'I don't think ISIS is gaining strength.' Seventy-two percent of Americans think the fight against ISIS is going badly. Won't the legacy of this administration, which is -- which you were a part of, won't that legacy be that it underestimated the threat from ISIS?" CLINTON "Well, John, I think that we have to look at ISIS as the leading threat of an international terror network. It cannot be contained, it must be defeated." Here we have a bit of a policy difference here between the President and his former Secretary of State. It is worth wondering if Clinton argued this view during the policy debates within the administration.

More of the debate focused on the Paris attacks, and national security and foreign policy. Echoing former President George W Bush right after the September 11, attacks of 2001, Clinton recited the responsible talking points: The US is not at war with Islam; The US is not at war with all Muslims; The US is at war with violent extremists -- with jihadists. Democratic candidates Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders, and former Mayor of Baltimore and Governor of Maryland, Martin O'Malley mildly challenged Clinton in this area. Then the debate veered into the direction of domestic issues and the economy, which was the original format of the debate. Here we saw mild challenges and a lukewarm debate. I've...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 18, 2015
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Americans are among the most blessed people on earth! We have so much to be thankful for!

While we are bombarded with news reports of wars, rumors of wars, and violence escalating throughout the world, we should remind ourselves that our land is relatively free of terrorism. The average American never thinks about whether they will become the victim of a terrorist attack as they step outside their door. That is not the case for people living in Europe, Asia, North Africa and the Middle East. Only in America have the flood gates of violence been held shut by the hand of Almighty God. Are we grateful for what the LORD has done for us?

The crime in America cannot be compared to rest of the world.

Our 2nd Amendment rights are still intact and statistics have proven that an armed society fares better than a disarmed one. Had one of the patrons at Bataclan Theatre carried a concealed weapon on the evening of November 13th, 2015? 89 people would still be alive and 430 others would not be in the hospital from injuries sustained in the bloodiest attack in French History (since WWII).

America's only vulnerability has been gun free zones such as schools and military bases. Gun free zones are an open invitation for murderers because they know they won't face any opposition.

We need to count our blessings and be grateful for our 2nd Amendment rights.

When is the last time Americans thanked God for freedom of speech? Speech is restricted in other nations. I watched a video the other day, of a Parisian being arrested for protesting against Islam. People are not free to write on the internet in Europe as they are in America. We should not take our freedom of speech for granted.

Thank God for our freedom of religion. Christians in America can own a Bible, read it in public, preach on a street corner and share the Gospel with others wherever they are. That is...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 17, 2015
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On the evening of November 13th, 2015, the most horrific massacre since World War II befell Paris, France. It is now being called, France's 9/11. My deepest sympathy goes out to the French people. My prayers are for the people of France, the families of the slain and the recovery of those who were seriously injured.

Their loss is our loss. Their pain is our pain. Their enemy is our enemy. America is grieving with France in the aftermath of this horrific attack on their country. We love the people of France.

Were it not for the French we may not have prevailed against the British in our fight to establish America as an independent and free nation. We owe France a great debt of gratitude. We also owe them the truth.

Our own government missed important signs which should have signaled that America was vulnerable to an attack by Islamic terrorists. Could that be the case for France's 9/11? I've just read a news report about a group called “The Militants of Palestine” who warned that a terrorist attack was pending against Bataclan Theatre. The reason? IDF border guards and Jewish Gala events had been hosted there.

As news comes out that the deadliest attack was concentrated on a concert hall full of people, we should question if there is a connection. A you tube video shows young Muslim men with their faces covered delivering a warning outside the doorstep of Bataclan in 2008. They were identified as the Militants of Palestine.

According to another report, a French Jihadist told intelligence agents months ago, that he was ordered by Abdelhamid Abaaoud to wage a terrorist attack on a “concert hall” and kill as many people as possible. Why that particular concert hall? Is there a connection between the Militants of Palestine and ISIS?

I am not convinced that the attack on France was solely about Syria. It wasn't Syrian or Iraqi militants that protested and threatened Bataclan with a terrorist...