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by Mrs. M. at Dec 2, 2015
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Have you heard the latest news? President Obama's selfie photos have been turned into a video by Donald Trump. This should be a major wake up call for the country (Proverbs 16:30).

So how did America end up with the most narcissistic, arrogant, self-centered President in United States history? We voted for a leader that was most like us! TWICE!

America has become the selfie nation. It's all about us! Why else would we vote for a president based on his good looks and charm?

During the second election, a Hollywood actress who hosted a fundraiser for Obama at her Los Angeles home told him, “You're just so handsome, I cannot even speak properly!” This from a woman who named her child after a piece of fruit (apple). Should we be surprised?

We the people, have made such people household names by watching their films and buying into the communist utopia they are selling. Hollywood has led the way for the “American Selfie Parade.”

It is time for Americans to turn off their televisions, their camera phones and say goodbye to the hype of Hollywood. We need to redeem the time we have left. We need to figure out where our nation took a left turn and repent of every wrong decision, every compromise, every sin that has brought us to where we are right now.

While some self-righteous journalists are adamant about Christians not supporting Donald Trump, we should try to remember that these same journalists had nothing to say when the Supreme Court took the liberty of redefining marriage and subsequently, American law. While an Islamic Jihadist beheaded a worker on the job, none of them wrote about the need to investigate mosques and examine the background of Muslim immigrants living here in America. Where were those journalists then?

Donald Trump has openly stated that he is against same sex marriage. Donald Trump has stated on record that Islam is in conflict with our...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 30, 2015
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The Republican establishment train has been derailed by outsider, Donald Trump! The liberal news media caboose riding full steam behind them, now resembles a twisted heap of rubbish! What the mainstream media thought was traction – was actually the sound of a derailment. Theirs! Americans have decided to walk. Call it a case of divine justice! Hallelujah!

Recent photographs appearing on social media outlets reveal thousands of people lined up for blocks and blocks waiting for an opportunity to see “The Donald!” Donald Trump is the outsider in this election. After years of unfulfilled promises by insider political quislings, it is logical that Americans would be fed up with the Republican establishment.

Establishment insiders such as Marco Rubio cannot shake off notoriety as one of the members of the Gang of Eight.

Heavy luggage comes with the Bush name too. It won't fly come 2016 election because the American people have serious reservations about the Bush family name legacy. Jeb Bush promoting the curriculum – Common Core – will be remembered as the final decision that shuts him out as a contender in this race.

Ben Carson was a great candidate who learned just how dirty the news media has become today. Yet the same lies, trickery and propaganda the media used to bring Carson down have caused Donald Trump's numbers to soar to new heights. Why? It isn't the weight of the attack but the response of the person being attacked that determines the outcome.

Donald Trump has received an overwhelmingly positive and warm reception from the American people. His message is resonating with the country. Trump is not afraid to name the enemy and to talk about tough solutions. He is willing to confront and tackle any problem set before him. He stands alone in stating boldly what he would do on issues that other candidates have remained silent on.

by Mrs. M. at Nov 29, 2015
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The Vicar General of the Archdiocese of San Salvador, Monsignor Jesus Delgado, has accepted responsibility (admitted guilt) for accusations that he is a pedophile. He was suspended from his duties after his victim, now 42 years old, came forward to tell her story. She reported to authorities and to church officials that Monsignor Jesus Delgado began raping her at 9 years of age and continued to rape her for eight more years. She was 17 years of age when the abuse ended.

While there has not been any date set for the Monsignor to return to his pastoral, priestly and administrative duties, the outcry from human rights groups and El Salvador for justice continues to be ignored. Government officials have condemned the behavior of Jesus Delgado while parishioners come to terms with the shock that their favorite Bishop is a predator who was raping, terrorizing and destroying the life of a human being he had vowed to protect.

Bishop Jesus Delgado is staying at a Catholic center while he awaits a decision Sunday (today) by Arch Bishop Jose Luis Escobar, who is scheduled to make a pronouncement about the case.

No legal complaint or charges have been brought against Bishop Jesus Delgado.

Delgado was ordained in 1962 and thus far this is the first victim to come forward. The Roman Catholic Church has condemned his acts of pedophilia, but their condemnation should not be a substitute for justice.

To my knowledge there is no other church on earth that is granted the luxury of hearing their own criminal cases. This man should be arrested, put on trial in a secular court of law and sentenced to prison for his crimes. His acceptance of responsibility is an admission of guilt.

What possible justice can there be if this man is merely on suspension and will eventually be returning to his duties as a priest, administrator, even a job out of the public eye? He is still an unsupervised dangerous predator of children.

After the history of the Roman Catholic...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 27, 2015
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The billionaire real estate mogul whose Midas touch transformed a melting skating rink into a rock solid business enterprise is chipping away at the frigid reports from major media news by exposing their blatant double standards and hypocrisy. While it is a wicked agenda these journalists have set upon -
to destroy the reputation of Donald Trump, the trap they set for him is the very one they have fallen into!

Americans are balking at the major networks for their misleading stories on the GOP Presidential front-runner, Donald Trump. Americans are outraged at the torrent of lies, half truths and innuendos targeting their favorite candidate. Taking Trump's words out of context, showing partial clips of his speeches in order to mislead the American public have backfired!

At this rate the National Enquirer has more credibility than the media giants who sorely underestimated the consequences of their smear campaign. They have failed to understand the magnitude of Trump's popularity with the American people.

Trump's triumph is the story main stream media is trying to ignore. No longer are Americans believing every single word the media reports. Still, the disgruntled media moguls fear a Trump nomination more than the billions they face losing over their determination to destroy the reputation of Donald Trump. The flood of hysterical rantings and yellow journalism tactics continue unabated. What is the upset? American Republicans have rejected the favored establishment candidate, Marco Rubio.

Americans are fed up with establishment candidates. The American people have made their minds up!

There is no future for an establishment candidate in America. Their day has come and gone.

Mr. Trump has done what no other candidate has been able to do. He is causing Americans to think for themselves again. To toss political correctness to the wind and...
by Mrs. M. at Nov 24, 2015
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Google is celebrating the “41st anniversary of Lucy" today with a doodle of an ape, that evolves into a walking man! According to one news source, Lucy was discovered in 1973. She lived 3.2 million years ago and her fossilized remains reveal her to be a hominid from the Australopithecus afarensis species.

Why don't more scientists respond to stories promoted by evolutionists when they have already proven evolution is a lie?

Most likely they fear losing their jobs. Some scientists depend upon grants to continue their research. In 2007 there was one organization known as Creation Research Society that had hundreds of members with master's degrees or doctorates in the various fields of science. Apparently, not everyone is in agreement with where man came from!

The chart evolutionists have used to support their theory, tracing hominids seven million years up to modern man, has been exposed as a lie.

According to a TIME magazine article printed on November 10,1975, there was a story about Mrs. Leakey's discovery which revealed serious flaws in their chart! In order for the evolutionists to cover their mistake, they claimed all they had to do was move man back 3 million years, so that they would overlap in time. By doing such a thing, they destroyed their own theory of evolution.

As one expert for the Creation Scientists aptly pointed out, “How could man evolve from the Ausralopithecus if man was already here one million years before them?

In other words, how can evolutionists claim Lucy is a missing link to man when man had already been on the earth for one million years before Lucy was ever born? The flawed research used by evolutionists is covered in Marvin Lubenov's book, “Bones of Contention.”

Interesting that the news article today never mentioned the Peking man. The story on the Peking man bones was that the finders of those bones,...