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by Mrs. M. at Jan 9, 2016
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It was only a few weeks ago that Germany was being lauded for their generosity towards Muslim immigrants who were allegedly fleeing from the war torn region of Syria. Welcome banners were held high by throngs of well-meaning but naive Germans as mostly military aged Muslim males flooded the gates of the city.

Unbeknownst to the German people Islam is a culture of rape. It is considered common place in Islamic countries for Muslim gangs to surround non-Muslim women and sexually molest and rape them in broad daylight. According to their culture, this is acceptable.

Consider Tahir Square. Lara Logan was quickly surrounded by a mob of Muslim men while on a journalism assignment in Egypt. She was repeatedly and violently molested, raped and terrorized. It was the wake up call of her life.

Germany has now received their own wake up call.

On the evening of December 31st, 2015 there was a citywide gathering in Cologne, Germany for the annual New Years Eve celebration. Over a thousand inebriated Muslim Immigrants waged sexual jihad against the women in the square while others fired rockets into crowds of people.

There were reports of knife attacks, rape, sexual molestation, ripping the clothing off of women and terrorizing them. Men were robbed, knifed and beaten while others sustained burn injuries from the rockets which the Muslim immigrants fired upon them while laughing. It was utter mayhem with not a police officer in sight, the victims said. By the time they showed up? It was too late.

In the aftermath, 16 attackers have been identified but there have been no arrests.

German citizens were outraged by the media's delay in reporting the New Year's Eve Islamic attack.
It is possible that Angela Merkel was behind that delay. She has been the main force behind accepting over...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 8, 2016
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When Ammon Bundy called for the will of the Harney County people to be heard, they turned up in record numbers. Packed to the doors it was standing room only at the County Fairgrounds meeting which was facilitated by Harney County Sheriff David Ward. Some say the entire town showed up. Others say it was the largest gathering they had ever witnessed in their life (including the county fair).

At the meeting, one longtime Harney County resident took the floor. Addressing the topic of the straw poll, his response was two-fold. He said, Sheriff Ward's poll asks do we want it to end peacefully and the protesters to go home? Yes, we want it to end peacefully. No, I don't necessarily want them to go home. They have the right to free speech and I want to find out what they have to say.

Another Harney County resident took the floor and stated that the Hammond Ranchers are the nicest people who ever walked the face of the earth and that they got the rottenest deal there ever was!

Rep. Greg Walden echoed those sentiments on the House floor the other day. He stated that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) goes onto private land “all the time” to set back burn fires in order to protect their own lands. Yet BLM has never been sentenced under the 1996 Terrorism Law. He also stated that according to a law he authored, BLM has not kept their agreement to build fences but has ordered the ranchers to build them instead.

Rep. Walden stated that the Hammond ranchers had been forced to sign a right of first refusal. Under this restriction they cannot purchase or sell anything over $500 without obtaining permission from the federal government. Rep. Walden has called it a “Constitutional Crisis.”

To illustrate what Rep. Walden is speaking about – consider this fire started by BLM employees:

The Cerro Grand fire went out of control after government employees failed to properly...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 8, 2016
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While the world draws nigh to the hour of worldwide jihad, America is under the leadership of a rogue President.

Looking back the signs were everywhere. In 1996 when asked on a candidate questionnaire if he supported legislation to ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns, Obama answered, “Yes.”

One of his promises if elected was that he would fundamentally transform America.

In 2012, while addressing the UN he said, The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.

The timing for Barack Obama's plan for gun confiscation and destroying 1st and 2nd amendment rights of Americans is not coincidental. This is his final year in office (should be).

One astute observer noted the timing synchronizes with the release of Muslim terrorists at Guantanamo Bay. In September of last year the president released the 20th 9/11 terrorist, Abdul Rahman Shalabi.

775 terror suspects were originally detained at Guantanamo Bay in January 11, 2002. There are 107 prisoners remaining at Guantanamo Bay today. 5% of these prisoners were captured by American troops. A whopping 86% were captured after bounties were offered. The US Government has paid millions of dollars to obtain the information necessary to capture these criminals and now this rogue President is letting them go free.

What's next? Will the release of the Blind Sheik coincide with door to door gun confiscation? Or has he already been secretly released? His lawyer, Lynn Stewart was sent to prison after she was found guilty of passing messages for him to his followers in al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya ( a foreign Terrorist Organization).

The terror lawyer was re-sentenced in 2010 to 10 years in prison for perjury. She served only 3 years and was freed in 2013 on a compassion release because her lawyers argued that she only had 18 months left to live. Mrs. Stewart was reported to have been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

Three years later,she still resides in New York.

The Blink Sheik (...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 5, 2016
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Ryan Bundy issued a statement on behalf of fellow American Patriots occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters this morning. He said that they will peacefully vacate the federal building if the people of the community desire for them to leave. Meeting plans are underway to find out what the citizens of Harney County would like to do.

While Oregon politicians have remained quiet on the home front, many Americans have voiced solidarity with the group after witnessing the federal government using an iron fist against American ranchers on behalf of BLM. God bless the American Patriots that have taken a stand against tyranny. Their bravery, loyalty and willingness to lay down their own lives in order to defend the Constitution of the United States have not gone unnoticed. America has been watching this story very closely.

The occupation began after American Patriots from around the country showed up in Burns, Oregon as a show of support for the Hammond ranchers who became the target of BLM after the Hammond family refused to sell their land to them.

The federal government demanded that Dwight Hammond and his son serve four more years for a crime they never committed (terrorism). Years ago, US District Judge Michael R. Hogan sentenced Dwight Hammond to a reduced sentence of 3 months and his son Steven, to a sentence of 1 year in jail. The US District judge and jury both believed that there was no evidence of malicious intent in the backfires they set to save their property in 2001.

The US District judge's ruling was declared “illegal” and the federal government went forward with charges based on the 1996 terrorism law in order to send the Hammond ranchers back to prison for four more years. If the Hammond family didn't pay the six figure fine they were ordered to pay, they would be forced to sell their land (giving BLM first option to buy it...
by Mrs. M. at Jan 4, 2016
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Gold represents percentage of state owned by Federal Government

The FBI have stated that they are seeking a peaceful resolution in Oregon.
The protesters are vowing to stay until the Feds give in.

News sources reported today that Ryan Bundy said the goal of the occupation was to turn over federal land to local authorities so it could be used for “ranching, logging, mining and recreation” and free of federal oversight.

Ranchers point out that according to the Constitution, the land belongs to the state, not the federal government. One person familiar with the Hammond case said, "When Dwight Hammond and his son lit the fires (in 2001), the valley below them was filled with wildfires and their property was in great danger of being burned along with feed that had been stored for their animals." The ranchers set those backfires on their property which borders BLM property in order to create a firebreak.

Mr. Hammond and his son were trying to save their own ranch. The backfires worked by bringing the larger fires under control. When the fires burned across the property line onto BLM land, the BLM labeled those fires as arson. By using the word arson they were able to move forward with their agenda to drive the Hammond family off of their ranch.

Setting backfires is not arson. It's land management and that is something some ranchers claim BLM knows little about. The Bureau of Land Management should have thanked the Hammond ranchers for their quick reaction to the wildfires but instead they falsely accused the Hammond ranchers of arson.

According to news reports, the Hammond men were put on trial and US District Judge R. Hogan reduced Dwight Hammond's sentence to 3 months and his...