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by flacaltenn at Jun 8, 2017
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After a lot of consideration, USMB Staff has decided to try an alternate format for this Front Page forum. The purpose of having a Front Page Forum is to attract new eyes and views and have something fresh, informative and up to date in that spot.

Got to credit Lucy Hamilton for asking about a "Breaking News" forum, because that's what prompted this experiment. We do fine with breaking news threads in their own relevant forums right now, but it's a convenient way to give us better recruitment "advertising" on the Front Page.

So here's the outline of the "experiment". Any Poster may choose to place a "Breaking News" story in that forum SUBJECT TO the rules provided below. You don't HAVE to place such threads in THIS forum. You can still put them in appropriate forums. If there's a thread in the Home Page forum on this news flash, we MAY consolidate threads from lower forums to the Front Page forum when a story breaks -- especially if they started in another Zone2 forum. Posters should put EXTRA effort into preparing the OP. Wait 5 minutes or whatever's necessary to get adequate details. Include as much as you can. Multiple Links or Pics PREFERRED. Rules for that forum will be as follows:

1) Zone2 Rules

2) OP must be about news no older than 24 hours when posted. News can be about any broad interest subject.

3) Story must be linked to at least one major news outlet, newspaper or periodical. Other secondary links encouraged.

4) Members should include the Breaking News: prefix in front of the Title. (Admin may do this automatically for us -- so check current usage.)

5) Moderation reserves the right to move and place in a more appropriate forum. OR to move brand new threads to this Front Page forum..

6) Keep the conversations on the news topic as details comes in. Serious derailments will result in closure. And try to NOT extend the conversations much past the point where it's no longer "breaking".

Realize that during the...
by petro at Feb 21, 2018
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Story still developing. Arrest made.

Can we now talk about the mental illness affecting our youth? The breakdown of our culture?
Or will it just be the gun? This problem IMHO is far deeper than a weapon.
by shockedcanadian at Feb 21, 2018
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So for all of you who criticize him, tell yourself, would Obama have the same round table of an anti-abortion group, in front of National media?

The one father, Pollack, he and his kids were the most impressive so far. Passion but also a belief in the free flow of ideas.
by Bleipriester at Feb 20, 2018
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Reports suggest that the terrorists prepare a chemical false flag as response to the Syrian Army´s offensive in the Eastern Ghouta, Damascus. Three trucks laden with tons of chlorine (for chlorine gas) have reportedly entered the Idlib province from Turkey. It could be a challenge to smuggle the stuff to the far away and encircled Eastern Ghouta so the false flag will likely take place in Idlib again. Macron and Trump certainly can´t wait for it to happen. If a chemical attack happens in the coming days or weeks, you already know who´s behind it.

Eastern Ghouta: Jaysh al-Islam - Wikipedia

While Helmets maybe preparing false flag chemical attack in East Ghouta: reports
Breaking: 3 trucks loaded with 'tons' of chlorine enter Syria's Idlib from Turkey - reports
by Tank at Feb 15, 2018
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Another one

Loch Raven High School was put on lockdown Thursday after police received a report of an armed person. Around 45 minutes after a student showed another student a gun in a backpack, the boy was apprehended, with the weapon still in the backpack, police say. The school resource officer approached the boy, who then fled into another area of the school and out of the officer's sight, at which point the school went into a lockdown, police say