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Alot of white trash come from hanging around blacks

aka: wiggers
The illiterate, inbred whites that participated in the KKK and other cowardly white power groups didnt hang around Blacks. A vast majority of white trash think like you. Everyone in the nation already knows that is the truth. Why do they exist if whites are the superior race?
You two with your back and forth, are making for some good comedy relief I'm telling ya...LOL

Yall need to take this act on the road in order to find out if Saturday night live is looking for yall.

I bet Dave Chappelle could use this material big time, he is the best at this kind of satire that you two have going here. He is good at showing the idiocy that is found in it all. I love the one where he was the black KKK leader who was blind, and never knew he was black nor did they until he pulled that hood off, and the redneck in the crowd his head exploded....ROTFLMBO.

Getting to serious about this stuff will drive a person crazy, so yall need to lighten up, and just think about how there are people who are bad regardless of their color, and there are people who are good regardless of their color, I just wish the feds would understand this finally.
Yeah Dave Chappelle's skit is a classic for sure. I'm glad you enjoyed the banter. Its funny to me as well or I wouldnt do it. I know its hard not to assign emotions and voices to the posts you see on here but in know way am I serious. I just happen to enjoy frustrating racists. Its like a sport to me.
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