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According to the nonpartisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau, Walker took a projected 3.6 BILLION dollar budget shortfall for 2011-2013, and turned it into a projected shortfall between 140 and 208 MILLION. That’s a 94% reduction in the projected shortfall. How dare he be so fiscally responsible!

He avoided the double digit tax increases of previous Democratic governors. Income taxes, cigarette taxes, landfill fees, etc.

He increased the number of jobs by a higher margin than about half the other states, at .24%

Gave local school districts the ability to control their budgets and avoid laying off teachers. Being able to negotiate the rates for insurance allowed most school districts to save enough money on benefits to avoid laying off teachers. The unions, when given a choice, wanted layoffs rather than decreased benefits.

Scott Walker made some difficult choices. What he did was a net positive for the state and the people. He’s put Wisconsin on a much better financial footing than they would have been without him.

How was he repaid?

The Dems tried first to shirk their appointed duties by leaving the state to avoid a vote they knew they’d lose in the legislature. When that eventually failed, the unions that supported the Dems launched a recall petition. Why? Because they wanted those automatic dues back… the ones that the collective bargaining restrictions would cost them. It wasn’t about workers rights. It wasn’t about anything other than the money the unions would be down without those dues.

The unions and the Dems tout the million plus signatures, currently being verified, as proof that Walker was no longer popular in Wisconsin and should be recalled. The problem with that theory is that it’s barely the number of people that voted against Walker when he won the election in the first place. Walker had 52% of the vote (1,128,159), while his Democratic opponent had 47%, or 1,005,008 votes. In other words, the unions and the Dems, after all that money and all that effort, converted no one to their cause.

They spent all that time and money, just to restate the results of the election.

And now? The Dems and unions don’t even have an actual opponent for Walker! Additionally, because of the fundraising regulations, he can continue to gather financial support from outside the state until an opponent is officially in the race. Within Wisconsin, in January, he raised over $4.5 million, more than 76% of which were contributions of $50 or less. Talk about support by the people.

The unions and the Dems thought they did a great job in trying to recall Walker. But they forgot the most important thing. They have to actually have an opponent now, and win another election.

Based on the fact that they really converted no one to their cause… I find it highly unlikely they will oust Walker when the actual recall election rolls around.

He created a surplus without calling chicken little.
Implicated in CRIMINAL misuse of public funds; strange you CONs missed it, it has been all over the news. No unions involved; just Tom DeLay type THEFT.
************************************************** **
A 51-page criminal complaint [PDF] (the "Rindfleisch complaint"), which formally charges Kelly M. Rindfleisch with four felony counts of misconduct in public office, contains factual allegations which implicate a number of individuals, listed as "interested parties," including WI's controversial Republican Governor, in a wide-reaching criminal conspiracy to misuse public employees and resources for partisan political gain.

The Rindfleish complaint was filed in the Milwaukee County Circuit Court on Jan. 26, 2012 by Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm. It's the product of an ongoing criminal investigation (the "John Doe" investigation) of the Milwaukee County Executive Office during Walker's tenure as County Executive there. The complaint specifically involves the period during which Tim Russell and then Rindfleish served as Walker's Deputy Chiefs of Staff.

The recent news in the Milwaukee County case coincides with a separate set of court rulings in the battle over the attempt by opponents of Walker to see him recalled via the ballot box. In that matter, an appellate court recently reversed Republican Waukesha Circuit Judge J. Mac Davis' decision to deny the Recall proponent's motion to intervene in a case brought by "Friends of Scott Walker" designed to obstruct the scheduling of Walker's Recall. The appellate ruling directed Davis to vacate his controversial decision which had shifted the statutory burden for challenging the validity of the Walker Recall petition signatures from Walker himself --- as had been the process for years --- to the state's Government Accountability Board.
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