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Quote: Originally Posted by California Girl View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by teapartysamurai View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by The T View Post
Little does that poster understand that the Catholics picked up a few million people in thier ranks in recent weeks...(even though they aren't Catholic nor subscribe to thier religion but remain in solidarity with them in the quest to regain Liberty that Obama is trying to take away)...
I'm backing the Catholic Church on this and I'm not Catholic.

Obama really opened a can of worms on this one!
I'm Catholic. I back the Church on this.... and so do millions of Americans - of all faiths and of no faith. They've had support from a vast amount of religious and non religious groups... including one of the atheist groups - which I found quite funny.
You forgot which one, huh?

Whatta surprise.......

Stupid Teabaggers
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