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Quote: Originally Posted by pinqy View Post
Quote: Originally Posted by psikeyhackr View Post
But why don't economists suggest that everyone know accounting so they could do it on their computers.
Since I doubt most economists know accounting why would they suggest it for everyone else?

Accounting and Economics are not related fields.

I didn't need to take accounting for my BA in economics and have never heard of it required anywhere.

That is like saying that BASIC ELECTRICITY and ELECTRONICS are not related fields.

Aren't all of these corporations and banks that economists talk about doing accounting to manage themselves? Isn't the data that economists pour over the result of the accounting that these businesses are doing? This is why we can't figure out and manage what the hell is going on.

Too much STUPID compartmentalization!!!

Everything that goes on in electronics is dependent on electricity. Anyone that says they know electronics and does not know basic electricity is an idiot or a liar.

Economists are IDIOTS!!! Some of them must be LIARS! How much do Americans lose on the DEPRECIATION OF DURABLE CONSUMER GOODS, like automobiles, every year? They don't know! Only the depreciation of CAPITAL GOODS matter to them. But consumers have to buy more junk to replace what fell apart and the economists ADD THAT TO GDP.

We are running a planet of almost SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE on defective grade school algebra.

When do they ever talk about the NET Domestic Product?

A businessman that doesn't know the difference between GROSS and NET is pretty damn stupid, but apparently it is OK for economists. Unless they know but don't tell. Which means they help make sure consumers don't know what is going on.

Economic Wargames <-- LINK


PS - BA is Bachelor of Arts. Physics is SCIENCE. Doesn't physics work the same way for cars purchased by Hertz as it does for Joe Blow consumer? So if cars purchased by Hertz depreciate then cars purchased by consumers must also. Banks and used car dealers know that but economists don't supposedly.
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