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It's wrong, in every sense. ethanol doesn't help the environment, in fact it uses more energy than it saves. The government knows it and has for years, going back at least to Clinton. Considering the world economy, it's just worse now:

The Looming Food Crisis

Just the preview and title, rest at link:

In wealthy nations as well as in poor ones, consumers express alarm about fast-rising food prices, and their governments are well aware that shortages can quickly translate into unrest and political crisis. Complaints today may be mild compared with those looming ahead unless governments take steps to curb policies that encourage speculation, warns economist David Dapice. Subsidies that divert corn to ethanol fuel reduce food supplies and add to price rise. Despite extreme weather events in some exporting nations, per-capita food production has climbed in recent years, he explains, adding that low interest rates encourage speculation, stockpiling and waste. Price hikes are less noticeable for wealthiest consumers whose products carry high marketing and packaging costs, but for the poor its a question of survival. Research and technology advances in the agriculture industry may sustain a growing population for only so long. Failure to address the needs of the poor could risk security for all. YaleGlobal

The Looming Food Crisis

Extreme weather, economic forces of rising demand and speculation threaten global food security

David Dapice YaleGlobal , 18 February 2011

And it is worse for the climate
Study: Ethanol Worse for Climate Than Gasoline : NPR

and ruins small engines
Mechanics see ethanol damaging small engines - Business - Consumer news -

and drives up food prices
Plan B Updates - 69: Why Ethanol Production Will Drive World Food Prices Even Higher in 2008 | EPI

Other than those small items, it is a great alternative to gasolineGuests cannot see images in the messages. Please register to forum by clicking here to see images.
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