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A poem: America is for Americans

"America is for Americans"

by Captain Steel (penname)

I don't need no more "guests", ****ing up my nation,
they're ruining my country, with their immigration,
they refuse to speak the language, they refuse to integrate,
they have no respect for us at all, with us they won't relate,
instead of waiving red, white, and blue, they waive red, white, and green,
fifteen people, crammed in one house, it's just ****ing obscene,
they're taking all our jobs, and they drive the wages down,
they invade our neighborhoods, leaving shopping carts all around,
they're getting MediCal, they're getting section 8,
welfare, food stamps, and unemployment, they're always willing to take,
they work under the table, they contribute not a buck,
and people wonder why, our economy's so ****ed!,
every year they're sending billions, from here to Mexico,
it's just like dropping all that cash, into a big black hole,
they put out their own newspapers, radio, and TV,
"Pura Raza" radio, sounds pretty racist to me!,
MECHA, MALDEF, and LA RAZA, their racist organizations,
yet they claim we're the racists, if we try any retaliation,
of these facts, the mainstream media, refuses to report,
and the INS, has had it's hands tied, the illegals they can't deport,
if things don't change real soon, America is doomed,
our future is a turd-world nation, our citizens filled with gloom,
we need our troops to patrol the line, and the seal the Mexican border,
but that will never happen, with Bush taking Fox's every order!,
Bush is giving worker amnesty to llegals, he's sold America out!,
selling out his own country, for the prospect of votes, is what he's all about,
I've nothing personal against hispanics, it's not a racial deal,
but America is for Americans, that's the way I feel,
Borders, Language, Culture to keep America strong,
the mexicans....they don't belong!!
you have your own damn home, so stay there!, and I'll stay here in mine,
and as long as we do just that, everything should work out jusssttt fine......
Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal, has not heart; and any man who is over 30, and is not a conservative, has no brains. - Winston Churchill 1874-1965

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